AP Language and Composition

Ms. Miller Room 2036 - tri-weekly update 1

welcome to the class!

We are now in the third week of AP Language and Composition, and so far it has been great. I am proud (and you should be too) to announce that this class has such amazing potential; they work hard, and drive me to work harder- I like that.

I can honestly say, that I absolutely LOVE this group of students, and I feel very fortunate to be able to instruct and guide them this semester. THANK YOU!!!

What exactly do we do?

A typical AP week consists of the following: daily practice from Nancy Dean's Voice Lessons; 1 timed multiple choice quiz (this is hard, grades are curved and students have opportunities to revise for half credit); 1 timed write; 1 SAT word quiz; 1 AP Term Quiz; 1 scheduled prepared debate; outside reading assignments and homework. Homework is guided around the principles covered that week, while the outside reading assignments are centered around the common cannons in American Literature.

As of right now- the current grading breakdown in our class of 13 is as followed:

A average- 3 students

B average - 2 students

C average- 4 students

D average- 2 students

F average- 1 student

Please remember that AP courses are graded on an additional 2 point scale! A "c" in an AP class is equal to an "A" in terms of GPA points.

It is VERY common for an AP student's grades to be lower the first reporting term because students learning the material and flow of the class. That being said, the grades that are bringing the students down the most are the SAT word and AP term quizzes; please ensure your student is studying! :)

Students with "A" average often set the curve for the multiple choice exam, they attend after school tutorials regularly, complete all assignments and score within the "A" range on SAT and AP term quizzes. Students that have come to tutorials have found them very helpful and informative.


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