Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Sept. 7-11th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone-

Homework begins this week. I'm starting us all off at the same pace and page but I will begin to differentiate as we move forward and I know your children better. Please know that I am aware that students can do more than what is expected for third grade homework. The point of homework is to practice for fluency and we try to keep things around 30 minutes minimum. We'll revisit this topic several times across our year together so let's start slow so we can go fast later!

Please Do-

1. Bookmark my website for you and our shared kiddo to easily get to for HW purposes!

3. Join PTA if you haven't done that yet! (You can do as little or as much as you want but membership helps our school in so many ways!!)

Dates to Remember

Sept. 7th: Labor Day Holiday (no school)

Sept. 11th: Grandparent's Day luncheon (visit our room afterwards)

Sept. 18th: 3rd-5th Assembly Day

Sept. 23rd: Early Release @ 12:45pm


HW (how written in planner) begins this week! We can only allow for 30 min. of planned homework so what we create for students will be limited to reading and math expectations at this time. HW Hypertext Here!!

*The math recording sheet will come home on Tuesday afternoon in binder.

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading-We continue working on how readers make connections to their lives, the world, or another story as they read. We are practicing how readers ask themselves question as they are reading.

Grammar- We didn't get to our review of homophones last week so we'll do that this week. Homophone Interaction Site

Ask your child to share at least three sets of homophones and their meanings BY THE END OF THE WEEK.

Writing-We are beginning daily language to work on writing skills and taking a spelling assessment. We will be learning how to pick a seed topic versus watermelon and to tell our story step-by-step. Ask your child what the difference is between a seed story and a watermelon story. (We may end up calling this something else- every year my class has different ideas of how to relate telling one specific moment vs. THE WHOLE DAY stories...)

Math- We are moving more into exploring place value through 4 digits and addition/subtraction with 3 digit numbers. We’re introducing the math rubric for grading as well. By the end of the week, ask your child if he/she can show you four different ways to represent the number 1,457. (Hint: standard, written, Base 10, and expanded notation)

Science- We will be continuing our exploration with the different types of energy: mechanical, light, heat, and sound. Have your child tell you a real life example for each type of energy.