This is what i learned about Scotland

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Where in the World

The country I’m researching is Scotland. The Atlantic Ocean is to the North of Scotland. To the East of Scotland is the North Sea. The Capital City is Edinburgh. Scotland has steep slopes, low hills, and broad fields. They have the highlands, the central lowlands, and the southern uplands.

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The People

Scotland’s official language is English although some people speak Gaelic in some areas too. Education is VERY important in Scotland. Kids begin school just at 5 years of age. They learn subjects such as math, reading, science and many more. Some kids leave school at 16 years old. Meat and fish is very popular in Scotland. Beef steak and salmon is popular to. The most Famous is Scotish haggis.
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Some people work in factories. Although people still work hard and long hours they don’t have as much money as some of us and they are VERY VERY POOR. For jobs there are farmers, fisherman, miners, electronics and computer software, and factory workers.
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There are many things to do and see but I personally LOVE the animals there so stunning, like golden eagles, Red deer, Shetland ponies, and shaggy, and long haired cattle. Football is what they call soccer in Scotland, actually soccer is there most popular sport. There are lots of rivals causing murders between the fans. Golf is a popular in Scotland too. It is unique as Scotland is the birth place of golf.
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They have a population of 5 million people. The national song for Scotland is God Save the Queen. The largest city is Glasglow. The first minister was Nicola Stargeon.
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The king of Scotland from 1057-1093, married a English princess. People have been living there for more than 7,000 years. The first people to land on Scotland was fisherman and hunters that came by boat.