Pecos Bill

by bailey small


Pecos Bill is an American cowboy from tall tales in the Old West during the American Expansion period in Southwest of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern Calfornia.

What's so great about PECOS BILL?

According to legend, Pecos Bill was born in Texas in the 1830s. Pecos Bill was traveling in a covered wagon as an infant when he fell out unnoticed by his family near the Pecos River. He was taken in and raised by a pack of coyotes. Years later he was found by his older brother who convinced him he was not a coyote. Pecos Bill grew up to be a cowboy. He used a rattlesnake named Shake as a lasso and another snake as a whip. His horse, Widow-Maker (sometimes known as Lightning), was named this because no other man could ride him and live. His favorite food is said to be Dynamite. In his tales, Pecos Bill sometimes rode a mountain lion instead of his horse. Pecos Bill is also known for being able to lasso tornados. Pecos Bill is in love with Slue-Foot Sue, who rode a giant catfish down the Rio Grande.


Pecos Bill loves Slue-Foot Sue very much so he shoots all the stars from the sky, except for one, which became The Lone Star. Pecos Bill then proposes to Sue. She insists on riding Widow-Maker at the wedding. But Widow-Maker is now jealous, no longer having Pecos Bill's undivided attention, and she bounces Sue off her back. Sue lands on her bustle and bounces higher, and higher. Pecos Bill tries to lasso her down, but to no avail. Slue-Foot Sue eventually bounces so high that she hits her head on the moon. After she had bounced for many nights, Pecos Bill realizes she would eventually starve to death if he did not save her. Pecos Bill lassos her with Shake the rattlesnake and tugs her down from the sky. Widow-Maker, after being scolded by Pecos Bill realizes what she did was wrong and apologizes.