Gracie's trip to Cheer

Gracie Hayworth Periods 5/6

Front Tucks- Equation #1

Gracie did 4 front tucks on Monday. By the end of Tuesday, she did 18 front tucks, How many front tucks did she do on Tuesday?
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Cheer Team- Equation #2

At Spirit of Texas, there are 4 people on each cheer team. There are 5 teams. How many people are there total at the gym?

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Cheer Shoes- Inequality #1

Gracie wanted to buy a new pair of cheer shoes. She had saved $10. Cheer shoes cost more than $40. How much more money does she need to buy the cheer shoes?
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Cheering on the Beach- Inequality #2

Gracie and Reilley were cheering on the beach whine they found buried money. They split up the money equally. They each got less that $38. How much money did they find?
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Why I Chose my Theme

I chose cheer because I love cheering. Most of these things are true, except for the cheering on the beach and loosing people on my team.