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She was born in Oklahoma but moved in 1941 to California with her family. Her father, who was a musician, bought her a guitar and gave her lessons. She was moved back to Oklahoma and the age of 12 and in high school started to sing. She sang a duet with Billy Gray called "You Can't Have My Love." After she finished high school, she went on the road with her dad as her manager and her mom helped with dress design. In 1956, she signed with Capital. She went in between country and rockabily throughout her career. She sang songs in different languages like "Santa Domingo" in German. She did many tours and was nominated for 2 Grammys. In 2009, she was added to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. She still continues to sing and go on tours.

The Event

The event that propelled the artist to fame was when she sang a duet with Billy Gray called "You Can't Buy My Love" in high school. The song became a national hit and after that she signed with Decca Records.

Top Songs

  • "Right or Wrong"
  • "In The Middle of a Heartache"
  • "The Box It Came In"
  • "Heart Trouble"
  • "I Remember Elvis"
  • "You Know I'm No Good"
  • "The Party Ain't Over"

Top Albums

  • Lovin' Country Style (1962)
  • Blues In My Heart (1965)
  • Queen of Rockabilly (2000)
  • Heart Trouble (2003)
  • Heartache (2004)

Characteristics of Rockabilly

  • It's a mix between country and rock and roll.
  • It includes strong rhythms, voice twangs, and tape echo.
  • They kept adding different instruments, like steel guitar and horns, and vocal harmonies.
  • It includes "hillbilly" vocals and boogie bass line.

SHMRG chart: "Hard Headed Woman"

S- main vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, drum set, trumpet,bass, electric guitar

H-piano, acoustic guitar, drum set, trumpet,bass, electric guitar

M-main vocals

R-in 4, moderate/fast

G- chorus-verse 1-chorus-interlude-verse 2- chorus- verse 3-chorus- interlude-verse 4-chorus- outro

  • dynamics- moderate/loud
  • genre-rock: rockabily
  • shape-line
Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman

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