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Welcome Back!

I LOVE this time of year! The kids are primed and ready to embark on great adventures in learning! We have wonderful things planned with teachers and you'll see terrific products created by students in the coming weeks.

We have new books arriving daily. We already have many of the new electronic books available, including 5 Bluebonnets: Ghetto Cowboy, Tua and the Elephant, Flying the Dragon, Freaky Fast Frankie Joe and Balloons over Broadway. You will need to log in with school name (Marek) and the username: mmelib and password: mmeread

Please go to the Library website for more information about those or use the OPAC catalog to see what we have! You'll also find information about events, access to reference materials, app downloads and electronic book options!

Library Website and OPAC:

Update! Internet Explorer is sometimes not working with the quizzes for Book Adventure. Try Mozilla Firefox for your internet browser if you're having trouble.

Welcome to our new Technology Assistant! Miss Maria Torres is joining our team after Natalie Melenric went to PEAK swimming to coach full time. We are lucky to have Miss Torres after her work as a student teacher with Mrs. Matula in the fall!

Classroom Happenings

Students have been very active and engaged in learning in the library!

Kindergarten has accomplished amazing things to date. We've done research on winter holidays and heard literature about different holidays. They learned about stories that were told and retold and learned about series books within that. They will embark on studies of winter and winter animals in the coming weeks.

First Grade also learned about traditional literature in the study of the Gingerbread Man and winter holidays around the world. We researched holidays and learned about customs and activities of different winter holidays.

Second Grade has worked on learning about traditional literature and Gingerbread stories. Students had the opportunity to hear a variety of stories and write their own. We looked at story structure within these stories as well. These students will begin biography studies and research in the coming weeks.

Third Grade in Ms. Stevens' language arts classes are working hard on their author study. Students chose one author to study. They did biography research on their author and will analyze 2-3 books by that author. They've been using the new technology devices to do in-class research as well. Mrs. Shirah's classes are working on creating their own country and government. Mrs. TImme's classes are created games based on a mathematician or scientist and will now work on inventing their own toy, additionally and consider marketing plans. Mrs. Yesland's and Miss Green's classes focused on poetry in the last weeks of the year. They learned about the "big 5" of poetry and had the opportunity to try out writing poetry using million dollar words. Very creative students!

Fourth Grade is using the new devices so effectively. They're learning about Google Sites to communicate information learned. Mrs. Wiedemann's and Mrs. Muras' language arts classes researched European explorers of Texas. I learn something new every time we study this unit. It was so interesting to see the different reasons for exploring and the experiences the explorers had in Texas. Watch for 4th graders to study different countries and their influences and contributions to Texas in January!

Fifth Graders are amazing readers. It's delightful to watch them choose and enjoy reading! Mrs. Matula's classes are doing a project to "rebrand" a country on a continent of their choice. They've researched continents and have chosen locations for their new country. Before we left for break, we learned about different forms of government and they chose a form of government for their country. We had dictators and kings/queens and presidents. Mrs. Tamez's classes are moving toward a study of westward expansion. I can't wait!

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