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It's Registration Season!

We have arrived to that time of year where students begin to think about the possibilities of next year! Counselors will be working diligently with all students to provide the best guidance to our students when selecting courses. Please talk to your child about this process. The planning guide has been made available to you below. Starting in February, we will be assisting students with entering their courses in the Home Access Center(HAC). We will also offer resources to assist with that process for those students who are unable to attend.

6th Grade Course Selection

January 20th

7th Grade Course Selection

January 21st

8th Grade Course Selection

January 13th and January 14th (With Harlan and Sotomayor Counselors)

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Important Dates

8th Grade Guidance Lesson- January 13th and 14th

7th Grade Guidance Lesson- January 20

6th Grade Guidance Lesson- January 21

Martin Luther King Jr. Day-Staff/Student Holiday

No Name Calling Week- January 17-21

Early Release Day- January 26

Mega Food Bank Distribution

Friday, Feb. 4th, 9am

7001 Culebra Road

San Antonio, TX

The Mega Food distributions will continue at Gus Stadium. Each distribution is over 200,000 lbs of food provided to over 900 families. Families should arrive no later than 9 AM on Friday. Enter the Hardin Athletic Complex at the traffic light nearest Transportation and the Inselmann Baseball Field.

The registration link is:

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January Guidance Lessons

Counselors will be covering Graduation Requirements and Post Secondary Information with 6th graders, 7th graders, and 8th grade throughout the month of January and February. We will be outlining the different course options to students at the next grade level. Students will gain knowledge of high school credit courses, elective options and the difference between regular and advanced courses.

In February, students will make final course selections and enter their choices in the Home Access Center. A copy of the final choices will be available in April.

Parent Pointers: Helping Your Child Succeed in Middle School

Parental support is so important during the middle school years. This is a time where students are trying to figure out who they are and where they belong. It's also a time where they are challenged more academically. Here's what you can do to support your child as they navigate the world of middle school.

1. BE INVOLVED- Know who your child's teachers are and keep in contact with them for progress updates or questions about what's happening in class. Check the Home Access Center weekly for grade updates. Attend school functions ! It let's your child know that school is important and that you are interested in what is happening at the campus.

2. SUPPORT SCHOOL WORK AND HOMEWORK EXPECTIONS- If you see missing assignments in HAC, talk to your child about the work and when they expect to get it done. Give them a deadline for when they should have their missing work completed. Make sure that they are taking opportunities to re-teach and re-test for summative assessments. Maverick Academy is available for students who need tutoring or extra help on any work. Encourage your child to attend. (Maverick Academy 7:55-8:30)

3. MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS READY FOR THE DAY- Kids will not be able to concentrate if they are hungry. It is important that kids eat a good breakfast either at home or school. It can boost their energy and concentration. Try not to have heavy conversations before they go to school in the morning. Kids will not be able to concentrate on their classes if they are crying and upset. Pre-teens should be getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night. Bedtime difficulties can arise at this age for a variety of reasons. Homework, sports, after-school activities, texting, TVs, computers, and video games, as well as hectic family schedules, can contribute to students not getting enough sleep. Be sure that your child has a consistent bedtime each night.

4. TALK TO THEM ABOUT BEING ORGANIZED- Organizational skills are important in middle school especially with 7 different courses. Helping your child develop a system of organization for managing their 7 classes is key to their success. Using color coded folders or binders for the different classes is one to stay organized. Using dividers and a large binder is another way to stay on top of it. Have your child clean out their back pack/gym bags at least once a week. File or throw away any work from a previous grading cycle. Binders and folders should have only current work or notes that they are working on in the current grading cycle.

5. MAKE TIME TO TALK ABOUT SCHOOL- Car rides are a great time to talk. There is no way to escape conversation with a parent! Ask your child how their day was and don't take "good" for an answer. Follow it up with, "What was good about it?" Be specific!

Here are some sample questions you can ask...

What they are working on in their classes?

Who they sat with at lunch?

What they ate for lunch?

What the best part of their day?

What was the worse part of their day?

Who is their favorite teacher?

What they like the most about...?

What they like the least about...?

What was the hardest thing you did today?

For more questions go to Questions to Ask Your Child About School

Self-Care Corner

Self-Care helps to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce stress, and frustration. In addition, it also increases energy and happiness and improves overall mental health. Below are some ideas for including self-care in your daily life that won't take much time to implement.

If you broke your leg or came down with the flu, would you try to brush it off and deny yourself treatment? Of course not! Most of us would go to the doctor or treat minor injuries as they happen. Emotional and mental health, as well as everyday physical health practices, are just as important. Self-care is a great way for parents to make sure their own needs are being met. You can't care for others if you don't take care of yourself!

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