Reader & Writing Celebrations

Readers Theatre & Musical Shares

Mystery Unit Celebration

This week we teamed up with Mr. Bailey's class to celebrate the end of our Mystery Reading unit. Our new unit is Building Fluency, and therefore we thought it would be fun to end Mystery and launch Fluency with a Mystery Readers Theatre. We mixed up our class and groups and students practiced their scripts. They performed for each other today as a final Celebration!

Math Celebration

We also finished our projects based math unit, The Big Dinner. What a great unit where mini lessons were carefully designed to support with important strategies for multiplication and division. We celebrated with Multiplication/Division Palozzo! Students chose their favorite multiplication games to play with classmates, we listened to music and enjoyed feeling our progress since the beginning of this unit!

This is a shift from memorization of basic facts which usually refers to committing the results of operation to memory so that thinking through a computation is unnecessary, emphasis on recalling the answers. However, teacher facts for automaticity, in contrast, relies on THINKING. Thinking about the relationship among facts is critical.


A student who thinks of 9x6 as (10x6) - 6 produces the answer of 54 quickly, but thinking rather than memorization is the focus. The issue is not whether the facts should eventually be memorized but how this memorization should be achieved; by rote drill and practice OR by focussing on relationships. Relationships among basic facts in multiplication exist because of properties of multiplication (commutative, associative, distributive and identity) so this approach gets right to the heart of mathematics.

Writing Celebration: Trip Advisor

Our travel reviews are published and so so great! Today we celebrated with Mr. Bailey's class, with 'musical share'. Think 'musical chairs' except no one is left out;)

This allowed students to share with a new audience and multiple partners.

We shared popcorn afterward, before heading to specials.