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March 2016 Update

March Snapshot

Welcome to the March edition of the FCGP Supplier newsletter. The year is already flying by and the 1516 contract year has drawn to a close. We are ramping up not only preferred negotiations but to launch our online contracting tool for hotels in May. I am sure Hoteliers will be glad to be rid of that excel spreadsheet!

We have some new and exciting things happening in the Flight Centre Global Product World. Firstly, we have a dedicated event product manager in Charlie Buchanan. Charlie joins us from her previous role at Keith Prowse and has a wealth of events experience. We currently have / are working on theatre tickets, sporting and concert tickets.

Secondly, we are working on a streamlined contracting process. So, if you have a contract with Flight Centre Global Product and Quickbeds watch out for the email which requests you to complete mapping documents to connect with our Hotel Hub platform. This will provide one connection, one point of contact into Flight Centre Travel Group and hopefully reduce the level of confusion for you, our suppliers. With this in mind, a gentle reminder to all that we are on the connectivity bandwagon. We want to connect with you! This at times will prove difficult to wrap your head around as we blur the traditional lines of static wholesaler and OTA. Join us on this journey, as always it will be a wild ride!

Tracey Thallon

Destination Leader - Australia


The top 5 regions of growth for bookings made in Mar (based on revenue sales):

Islands & Whitsundays - Up 37%

Sunshine Coast - Up 22%

Broome - Up 21%

TNQ - up 12%

Tasmania - Up 8%



Contracts are due to be sent out around May.

For hotels only, we will be moving to online contracting this year, which should improve efficiency and save you some time.

More info to come!

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We asked our team of sales experts for their feedback on dynamic rates, and here is what they had to say...

'love being able to provide instant confirmation, on BAR over peak periods' - Blake

'I do like having Dynamic rates because it is more competitive and helps with less pricebeats. Not to mention the amount of people who would potentially see a better price else where and not even come back to pricebeat. Also helps with availability. ' - Nadiya

'I like having access to last minute availability, saves time ringing up, being on hold and not knowing if it will be available or not.' - Kylie

'Improved productivity and speed for both retail and wholesale consultant. Also creates urgency!' - Mark

'Having access to dynamic rates helps productivity not just from our consultants, but also the hotel res team as calling for availability is not required. I believe it assists our hotel partners with better yield management, and our customers love us saying YES we can help them.' - Wayne

'last minute availability' - Martine

'No need to search through 4 other systems to check availability. we work more efficiently. ' - Wyland



Destination Leader: Tracey Thallon

Ph + 61 439 729 024 – tracey_thallon@flightcentre.com

Team Leader: Michelle Sawtell

Ph + 61 7 3181 9516 – michelle_sawtell@flightcentre.com

Destinations - Victoria, Tasmania

Angela Sweeney – Ph +61 7 3181 9583 – angela_sweeney@flightcentre.com

New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory

Coordinator: Luke Hansell - 07 3181 9519 - luke_hansell@flightcentre.com


Pat Eastman – Ph +61 7 3181 9517 – pat_eastman@flightcentre.com

Gold Coast, Norfolk & Lord Howe, QLD Islands & Whitsundays

Hayley Giles – Ph + 61 7 3181 9520 – hayley_giles@flightcentre.com

Tropical North Queensland, Western Australia, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Queensland's Outback

Coordinator: Vanessa Massey - 07 3181 9522 - vanessa_massey@flightcentre.com


Charlie Buchanan– M +61 437 135 126 – charlie_buchanan@flightcentre.com

Product Manager - Sports and Events