Manipulating the Audience

Hypocrites in Advertising

Syd M. Woods

L. Danley

British Literature

13 February 2016

Manipulating the Audience

Big business want big profits. Nothing is perfect in this world including the products these big companies try to sell. When they advertise they tell you what you want to hear. They mention everything that is appealing to the target audience and they completely run over the negative parts. For example, cigarette ads. In the past big tobacco companies like Marlbaro advertise that cigarette made you cool. I was sort of a “thing” to be cool. Now they advertise that their product taste better. Either way the company does not tell you that you can become addicted to the cigarette. They do not mention the foul smell that will stick to your clothing and will linger in your house. They do not mention that cigarettes builds up tar over the small hairs in your lungs and eventually can lead to lung cancer and eventually death. Instead they like to sell what sounds good to you because if they told you the truth you would not want to buy the product. This is common allover in the advertising industry. They do not care about your well-being. As long as it clears the basic regulations, a company will sell you there product even if it will kill you and you will buy it as long as you don’t know the truth.