Fearless by Francine Pascal:

An Amazing Book!


Name: Gaia Moore

Age: Seventeen

Height: About 5'6"

Hair Color: Light Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Abilities: Black belt in 5 martial arts, quad-lingual, extremely smart and masterly skilled at chess.

Notes: Seems to be completely fearless - must capture her ALIVE and put into the laboratory for testing of her physical and mental skills. Currently living with a former CIA agent, George Niven and his wife in place of Gaia's missing parents. Said subject has been seen associating with a girl, Heather Gannis, a boy, Samuel Moon, and a school friend, Ed Fargo. Further research on these said friends will be conducted.

Words From Gaia Herself

"You see, I have this handicap. Uh, no, that's the wrong word. I am never afraid. I just don't have the gene or whatever it is that makes you scared. It's not like I'll jump off a cliff or anything. I'm not an idiot. My rationality is not defective. In fact, it's extra good. They say nothing clouds your reason like fear. But then, I wouldn't know. I don't know what it feels like to be scared. It's like if you don't have hope, how can you imagine it? Or being born blind, how do you know what colors are? I guess you'd say I'm fearless. Whatever fear is..."
Cute Girl kicks all asses

Profile of Gaia

Here's what we know about Gaia: Her mother is dead, so that makes one guardians out of the way. Before her father (a CIA agent) left her when she was seven, he taught her all of the things that makes her the threat she is to us today, including her black-belt skill level in 5 different martial arts, her quad-lingual skills, master logic and chess skills, and her superior strength. Currently, we do not know the exact location of Tom Moore, but we are trying our hardest to track him down, because he too is a menace to our society. Gaia also has been observed playing chess in Central Park during hours when she is supposed to be in school and appears to have some sort of relationship with a college-aged boy by the name of Sam Moon, who appears to have a romantic relationship with a girl by the name of Heather Gannis. We plan to have Sam Moon in our possession by the end of the month and we will see if Gaia cares enough about someone that she will come after him. Maybe then we will be able to capture her for further study.


Sunday, Sep 25th 2011 at 10:45pm

Mercer St

New York, NY

Gaia Moore has once again proved herself a threat to our group. Three of our grunts went out the night of September 25th, given the location of Gaia before-hand, and they tracked her for a little bit around the city. They were armed with knives, but apparently that was not a problem for the girl. She was fighting with one of the thugs (names will not be released) when one of her cohorts we've observed her associating with numerous times, wheelchair-bound Ed Fargo, just happened to show up and tried to fend off our thugs. We are quite sure that the boy does not know the true identity of Gaia Moore, judging on how he tried to hurt our accomplices with his wheelchair. Ed was a distraction to our assassins, and even though they knocked the boy over, Gaia continued to subdue all three attackers, using martial art skills previously documented. Also, subject's mastery of jujitsu is confirmed. Gaia appeared to be injured but walked away from the incident seemingly unharmed.