Consequences of the Holocaust

Mason Gray 1st


The Holocaust was a really gruesome time, for all of the world. There were millions of deaths in World War II. Although, people hid them the Jews who survived weren't any luckier than the ones who died.

People who hid Jews during the Holocaust

Sadly the people who hid the Jews ended with the same fate as the Jews they were hiding. Usually this meant death by execution/showers (gas chamber).These people are called hiders or hiding families. One of the people who hid Jews was Corrie Ten Boom. She sheltered hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust. She was doing fine with them until a Dutch informant told the Nazis about her actions. The Nazis watched her home for an entire day until they finally confirmed the information. The entire Ten Boom family was arrested along with the Jews and taken to concentration camps. Her sister Betsie died, although ten days later Corrie was released on December 16, 1944 she had no idea why.


The Jews that lived through the Holocaust

The Jews most people think were lucky to survive the holocaust really weren't. They had to live in fear for the rest of their life. The children usually lost their emotions entirely. The children often felt like the hiding parents were their real parents and couldn't go back to living with their genetic parents. Some adults said "I don't know if I love my wife/husband anymore."

Inside Concetration Camps

The Jews who lived inside the concentration camps had to suffer through long hard labor. They got crammed together during what you could call "sleep", they ate a poor diet, and some even had to go through experiments to test how much pain a man could go through. If they disobeyed or did a poor job they were either executed or sent to the showers.