President Roosevelt's leadership

Great Depression

President Roosevelt took immediate action by announcing a four day bank holiday. All banks would close so that congress could pass a reform legislation.

Victory Garden

President Roosevelt and First lady Eleanor Roosevelt planted a victory garden on white house grounds thus starting a movement encouraging Americans to plant their own victory gardens because of this Americans produced 40 percent of America's vegetables.

Office of War information

Office of War Information served as government propaganda arm throughout World War II in films, photos, posters and radio programs a nation mobilizing for an all out war effort the Axis powers.


the government found it necessary to ration food, gas, and even clothing during World War II. rationing was in motion by the federal government had controlled the supply and demanded to avoid public anger with shortages and didn't allow only the wealthy to purchase commodities.

War bonds

War Bonds known as "debt securities" for the purpose of financing military operations during war time the bond yielded a mere 2.9 percent return after a 10 year maturity.

Volunteerism in World War II

American red cross involvement in World War II preceded the entrance of the United States into conflict when hostilities began in Europe 1939 the red cross became the chief provider of relief supplies for the civilian victims. The Red Cross responded to a request by the U.S. government to begin a blood donor service to produce life saving plasma for the armed forces in anticipation of America's entry to war.

Industrial Production changes

War production profoundly changed American industry companies already engaged in defense work expanded. Wartime production boomed as citizens flocked to meet the demand for labor. While 16 million men and women marched to war, 24 million more moved in search of defense jobs often more pay than previously had ever earned. Eight million women stepped into the work force and ethic groups such as African Americans and Latinos found job opportunities as never before.