Chamberlain's Senior Bulletin

VOL. 3

10% Goal

Our goal as a team is to increase our graduation rate by 10% (of which I do not have what that number is yet and as soon as I get it I will share it with you!).

Sounds lofty, I know. However, I believe that it is totally possible! We have AWESOME kiddos who are dripping with potential! How awesome would it be if 100% pulled through?! I understand we have challenges like OGT and attendance, but I am confident by using our time and resources more wisely we can hit the 10% goal!

The plan:

1. CALL HOME! Use the Senior Documentation Log faithfully (there's an app for phones!). You can do this by using your TBT time! I know that meetings haven't been happening in a formal way, but what if you all got together and shared the wealth of those kids who are having challenges in more than one of your classes? Work smarter, not harder!

2. TALK TO THEM! Yes, they SHOULD know their own grades. But let's be honest, some of us don't always remember what Cech tells us or what I tell you or we forget about that IEP meeting. It happens. So hassle them about their attendance, tell them you miss them! Make not turning in work impossible! If we pay our mortgage late, they still want the payment, there's just a late fee.

3. TALK ABOUT GRADUATION NON STOP! It should be a graduation mindset. Post the graduation date and time on your board! It is Saturday, June 4, 2015 @ 7pm. What we actively seek, we never lose sight of!

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Senior TBT Documentation

When are you all meeting? My apologies if you told me and I forgot. I want to stop by and be a resource!

Please make sure that you are emailing or putting a hard copy of the attendance and notes from your meetings in my mailbox.


Shout Outs!


Someone asked me yesterday how my year was going. I sang West's praises and talked up about how much I LOVE being here and how happy I am to be here. I have never worked harder, but in turn I have never been happier.

Please know that while I have very high expectations of you for the good and benefit our kids, I am ALWAYS here to help. Whether you need to vent, need support behaviorally, have a question about something or need a laugh. You are the backbone of the Senior class and without you and your immense effort you will be putting forth this year, we cannot do it!

Thanks :)