Identity Theft Prevention!

Protect your Identity

Identity Theft

If you don't know what identity theft is, it's the stealing of someones identity, and pretending to be that person.

Identity theft is not something to joke with

  • Over 9 million Americans have their identity stolen every year
  • In America over 13.3 billion dollars in American households were lost due to identity theft
  • 2.4 million perished people have their identity stolen a year

Some ways identities are slolen

Protect your identity by:

  • Shredding all old bills
  • Cutting old credit and debit cards
  • Being cautious
  • not giving out personal information
  • not losing drivers license, check book, credit and debit cards, or anything that has personal information on it

What do you do if your identity is stolen?

  • Place an initial fraud report
  • order your credit reports
  • Create an identity theft report