North VS. South

David Mc

By David Mc p.7


Transportation in the north.Well in the north there is trains,boats.There was 20,000 miles of train tracks in the north and a 363 mile conal.


African Americans would form their own churches because the whites would've let them be in their church.
Secret Life of the American Teenager Slavery in 1800s

Geography of the north

From the rocky shores and the gentle rolling plains the north had allot of different climates and natural features the northerners adapted to these differences by finding ways of making a living.

Economy in the north

Allot of different machines made changes in the north.The machines in the north were apart of the industrial revolution.
Mark Twain's Mississippi, 1800-1900: Economic Development, 1851-1900

South Transpotation

Most of the railroads in the United States were in the North.So people in the south continued to travel on the river and by horses.


For the most part the south wasn't affected by the equal rights or opportunity or the reform movements of the mid 1800's

Geography of the south

The south extended from Maryland south to Florida and from the Atlantic Coast west to Louisiana and Texas.They had mild winters and long,hot,humid summers and plentiful rainfall and long growing seasons.

South Economy

The south's economy was based on agriculture.Most white southerners were agrarians who favored a way of life based on farming.This was especially true with rich plantation owners.
History of Georgetown, South Carolina