Spanish American War

By: Megan Cox

Dear Editor,

I have many concerns on the coverage in the New York World and New York Journal. Many reporters and artist are encouraged to stretch the truth about the events that are going on between Cuba and Spain. Some reports and stories that have been written are not giving American citizens the whole truth about what is actual going on. These stories do not show how Cuba rebelled and lunched surprised attacks on Spain. They also do not write about how Spain reacted to these attacks with reconcentration camps. These cruel camps held many Cubans to eliminate Cuba support in these attacks. The writers of these important papers are giving incorrect information out to this nation leaving people confused and led the wrong way. It has also created negative opinions about Spain all across the country. When really we should concerned about both sides and what they have both done. I hope this can open your mind to the truth of what reporters write and there misleading reports. Thank you for your time.


Megan Cox

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Spain is the Cause

On the dark night of February 15 the USS Maine sat in the Havana harbor when it took a monumental explosion. More than 260 people died from the explosion and sinking of the battle ship. Official’s concluded that the explosion was created by an underwater mine. Even before this tragic event a written letter was brought up to attention by a certain newspaper. This letter was called De Lôme and was written about President McKinley. In the letter McKinley was called “weak and catering to the rabble and, besides, a low politician.” The De Lôme was written by a Spanish Ambassador by the name of Señor Don Enrique Dupuy de Lôme. If this Ambassador of Spain is writing these offensive remarks on our President then what does this say about Spain and their people opinion on America? Could the sinking of the USS Maine been in the control of Spain? America should be concerned with these two incident that follow one another. These both have obtusely have come from Spain and the Government should do something about it. We should not become Spain’s punching bag. We need to rise up and solve these problems with Spain.
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War Front

On June 20th our troop, led by General William Shafter, arrived just outside of Santiago. In all these different troops you can see a variety of forces. The army also relies on volunteer regiments. One well know volunteer was Theodore Roosevelt. He and Colonel Leonard Wood formed the First U.S. Volunteer Cavalry known as the Rough Riders. These were a mix of college athletes and western cowboys. Months later on July 1st we were order by General Shafter to launch an assault on Santiago. We moved against Spanish troops along a ridge. While others fought for San Juan Hill. After a long hard fought battle we had won the ridge and the rest of the war went quickly. We destroyed the Spanish squadron as it tried to leave the harbor and on July 17 they rendered. After the capture of Puerto Rico Spain agreed to a peace settlement on August 12th. It was estimated that about 5,500 Americans had died in the war. The cause of death was mostly from disease and also because we lack important equipment. Despite the difficulties our troops faced the U.S. had won a major victory over seas.

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This cartoon refers to the clashing views on the Philippines in the presidential election of 1900. William Jennings Bryan argued that this island should be independent. On the other hand President McKinley and the Republicans say that American control was needed. Also in the argument Anti-Imperialist League was formed to oppose of the U.S. colonies. Later on the Platt Amendment allowed the U.S, to intervene in Cuban affairs and to buy or lease land for naval bases.

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