Start, Stop, Continue Feedback

Holman Middle School May 2015

Things to Start:

Having mutual respect for each other and students

Establishing and following meeting norms

Using email respectfully

Celebrating our diversity

Communicating about Common Building Practices

Team Building

Meeting with Bus Drivers and Cafeteria staff at beginning of school year

Clear Expectations for staff and students

Self-reflection on actions

Simplifying PBIS

Re-educate staff on language/tone to use when addressing students

ISS as an intervention/utilizing Mr. Harris and Mrs. Tomlinson more

Family Holiday Dinner/ Spring Fling Family Event

Things to STOP:

Lack of Empathy to Students and One Another

Unprofessionalism-- Dress, Meeting Conduct, and duty assignments.

Lack of Respect-- for one another

Not taking Responsibility for Actions


Inconsistent Disciplinary Practices

Inequity across Staff

Denying that the Climate is negative

Complaining without a solution

Abusing email privileges

Things to Continue:

After School Homework Help

PBIS/Pirate Pride/ PRIDE Progam

Collaboration with Peers--district, department, grade level

Technology Integration


Trusting Staff to make professional decisions

Tardies being tracked by the grade level offices

The Holman Pass

EDCamp PD Format

After School Activities

Advisory Lessons