PLEF Schedule

April 27-May 1, 2015

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A huge thank you to the teachers that welcomed me into their classrooms this year. I will no longer do first-time PLE observations; however, I will return to the classrooms I visited to see how well you are integrating the tools we discussed during our post-observation meetings. I look forward to seeing great things.

Our team is busy personalizing lessons to help you better plan for the 2015-16 school year. Review and if possible, feel free to use the lessons below in your class. Please send me an email if you'd like access to the resources which are housed in OneDrive. Additionally, Amplify has a bank of great resources to spice up lessons with full tablet integration. Click HERE to Amplify your lesson. If you want to add an element of personalization/tablet integration to a future unit, send me an email. I'm glad to assist.

Bring your charged tablet to every workshop

Monday: Davis @ Guilford (Test Prep PDs)

Tuesday: Davis @ Allen (Test Prep PDs)

Wednesday: Davis @ Guilford (Test Prep PDs)

Thursday: Davis @ Allen (Test Prep PDs)

Friday: Davis @ WSA


  • Kahoot 101: Never Kahoot-ed? Well now is your chance to learn the basics of creating a quiz and using this interactive tool to motivate your students while reviewing your content. Intended for all subjects.
  • Kahoot 201: Are you Kahoot pro? This session offers some advanced features of Kahoot like how to play in groups/teams, getting past the "allowed characters" for longer questions, using gifs to liven up your questions, etc. Intended for all subjects.
  • JogNog: GCS has acquired FREE, full-access licenses for this program. If you've yet to check out this app in the Amplify Market, do it today! This is a great way to do quick bell ringers, assessments and TOTDs. Use it to prep for EOGs or just incite a bit of friendly competition among students. See the resources below and ask me if you need help setting up your classes. I've attached the quick start guide, access code and a scavenger hunt in this test prep Blendspace (also listed below; check back for daily updates). Quizzes/activities available for math, ELA, science, and social studies.

April 20-21; April 27-30: Sign up below for Kahoot 101, Kahoot 201 or JogNog short sessions if this is something that will be beneficial to your test prep! See you then.

Classroom Management Tool Usage Report

Thank you to the teachers who continue to use the Amplify Classroom Management tools. Fantastic job utilizng Quick Poll and Short Answer. This is the type of minute by by day assessment that guides EVERYTHING you do. Remember the value of formative assessment and the ease in which Amplify helps you accomplish this goal throughout a class period. Here is the breakdown from April 20-24.
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