Unjammed 2.0 Tech Possibilities

Price estimations


Basic network requirements from IS&T include installing Insight software (free for 1 year from CEEAS) and adequate bandwidth/WIFI for robust usage by teachers and students.


Emaze--sign up with .gov email for educational plan access

Powtoons--$8/mo teacher +60 students, $2/mo for teacher

Nearpod--$3600 all teachers, 5-20 teachers $192 per teacher w/content

Zaption--$89 year per classroom (5 classes)

Instagrok--$65 for librarian membership

Where do we want to go?

Edmodo for a learning management system

Google Apps for Education GAFE for streamlined student portfolios and easy management of project based learning

1:1 devices for our students--perhaps even Chromebooks they can take with them

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