Jim Crow Laws


Segregation is the seperation of blacks and whites. Almost everywhere a person went they were seperated from the other colored people. The types of things that were separated were bathrooms, waiting rooms, water fountans, restaurants, movie theaters, schools, and stores. Segregation ended on May 17, 1954 with the Brown vs. Board of Education act.

Effects of the Jim Crow Laws

The Jim Crow Were laws that discriminated african americans. They disregarded all of the newly won rights of balcks. The affects on african americans were much worse than the affects on whites. Jim crow laws actually had good affects on whites. The blacks had to use all of the poor accomondations or services. They were also likley to lose a lot of thier possetions, sometimes even their house, to whites. Whites liked the jim crow laws. These laws strengthened the rights of whites. They gave whites better facilities, accomondations, and services.