Sight Seeing In Africa

By: Ashleigh Hargett

About Africa

Africa is a wild continent with many beautiful physical features, and many places to do unique and fun things.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and is a freshwater resevoir with lots of wealthy fish. However the water is toxic so instead of swimming in it a lot of people in joy bird watching so they can see some of the 350 different types of birds it brings.
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The India Ocean

The Indian Ocean stretches from South Asia to Northern Antarctica and from East Africa to Western Australia making the third largest ocean in the world. One thing to do there is visit the breath taking island of Seychelles.
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Madagascar is the 4th largest Ocean in the world and is located by the Mozambique channel. An exciting thing to do there is take a walk on the Avenue of Baobab Trees.
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Red Sea

The Red Sea and is linked with the Indian Ocean and in the summer can get up to 85 degrees in the summer. Thanks to the warm water a lot of people enjoy wreck diving.
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