Jaden Muller

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Todays Weather Forecast

Random City, TX 00001



52 degrees Fahrenheit

Precipitation: 90%

Humidity: 68%

Wind: 28 mph

Also In recent news the Tropical Storm off the Coast of Galveston has begun to approach very close to the shore but most likely will not cause to much damage. Expect rain and possible severe storms over the next couple of days as a result of the storm hitting Texas. During storms remember to put your cars in your garage because of a possibility of hail. If a tornadoes or floods become a possibility a warning will be applied to the according counties.

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A Weather Satellites Space Log

May 12- They sent me up today. Space is pretty boring but earth looks pretty cool from up here. I don't know if I'm going to stay very clean up here... Their's a lot of space junk around here.

May 19- I see something out in the ocean and its twirling... The weather men should probably see this. They'll check me soon enough.

May 26- I saw another satellite today down below me but he's a polar satellite... He moves around the earth and observes a narrow area. He's also farther down then me and closer to the surface so his images are more high res than me. He also orbits around the earth in the opposite are so I don't know if ill see him again for a while

June 2- The weather men tapped into me today and they saw the big swirling thing I hear the radio signals and there saying its some kind of tropical storm off the coast of Texas. They'll probably tap into me a lot more now that they see the storm. I'll see the storm until its gone because i'm geostationary. I'm farther up and i can see all the big storms like hurricanes and stuff like that... but the pictures I take aren't very high res.

June 8- I hope something eventful will happen like the storm crashing into the land... That is not good for the humans but it would be pretty cool to watch for me. Otherwise its really boring up here because I always observe the same area.

June 13- The storm is getting really close and its gotten a bit faster and bigger. The weather men are checking me more often now... I hope everyone turns out okay.

June 22- The storm ran into land today. The weather men are telling everyone to stay safe inside and they are saying the storm isn't too strong so it will cause minimal damage. But the rain and after effects will go on for a while afterwards.

June 23- The main storm is over and the clouds spread out to precipitate elsewhere. The weather men are talking about trees falling over and broken cars and roofs, but I haven't heard about any deaths so I guess it all turned out okay. I guess now i have to just stare at the ocean. Life up here can be pretty boring...

Weather Instruments Textbook Page

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Instruments of Meteorology

Lightning Sensors- There are specific places that sensors are placed underground to record and track lightning during storms, that'!s how they show lightning on the news!

Anemometer- These tools are used to measure wind speeds and directions! Most of them consist of cups and a stand but you may have seen a stereotypical one that looks like a rooster! The wind blows them and they move to measure the wind.

Barometers- These tools are used to measure air pressure, part of them is made of a membrane that bends and contracts in different ways according to the air pressure

Rain Gauges- These tools are used to measure the inches of rain whenever it rains (obviously) You have most likely heard the weather men say something about rain inches, and rain gauges are how they find this out!

Hydrometers- These tools are used to measure the humidity in the air part of the tool will stand and show a different reading if the humidity is high or low. Original hydrometers were made with human hair because of the hairs sensitivity to humidity!

Weather Balloons- Weather balloons actually bring other tools into the air to do readings in the air one of these tools is a...

Dropsondes- These tool are dropped from weather balloons and collect information about storms and clouds while they are falling! Some of them are even dropped into things like hurricanes.

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