Peer Pressure

By Euna

When does Peer Pressure happen at Discovery College?

There are lots of different ways that you could be Peer Pressured at School. Peer Pressure is when you have to do something but you don't want to. For example, your friend could want you to join a CCA with her but you don't want to. Then she/he begins pressuring you and begging you to join, and maybe even blackmailing you. That is Peer Pressure. It is not good to be Peer Pressured.

If people are bugging you, peer pressuring you and making yourself uncomfortable, you should always try standing up to yourself and say NO. When you feel Peer Pressured, don't pause to look for help. Peer Pressuring may lead up to becoming more anti social and nervous. You could be Peer Pressured for all sorts of things - How you look, what you do, to be like others, to change...


In the book Stargirl, Stargirl went through Peer Pressure. At first she didn't mind what others thought of her but once Leo started confronting her about her individuality, she changed into someone who wan't her. She tried her best to be like everyone else but that only made her sad. Becoming someone you don't want to be just because you were Peer Pressured.

How to stop Peer Pressure.

To stop Peer Pressure, you can:

-Stay away from the people who peer Pressure you

If you stay away from the people who Peer Pressure you, don't talk to them and ignore them, then they could give up or know what is going on and apologize.

-Get enough courage to say 'no'

If you have had enough, then you can go up to the person who is peer pressuring you and tell them what is happening and how you feel. If they try to make you submit to peer pressure again, then you can just say 'NO.'

-Tell someone about it - a teacher or a parent or another friend.

You could go for anyone for support in Discovery College- Teachers, friends and even your own parents or siblings. People will listen and do something about it.

If they threaten you with stuff, like "Oh I'm not gonna be your friend anymore" or something like that, just walk away. Walk away and go eat some ice-cream because they are harmful and poisonous and you don't need them in your life. If you're lactose intolerant just eat some gelato, you really can't tell the difference.