Humman Impacts

By: Darian Mather

Negitive Immpacts

1. Over Fishing

All over the world too many people over fish not giving the environment enough time to re-populate. We are destroying the environment and are disrupting the food chain so some animals get hardly any food. Some get too much so when we disrupt the system we are messing with the food chain as well.

2. Sewage Sludge

Sewage Sludge is the sewage water that gets dumped into the ocean and effects the water and its surroundings. It destroys the habitat and is forcing animals out of there habitat and may even cause some animals to die.

3. Oil Spills

Oil Spills are terrible they destroy environments and cause animals to become sick and may cause some to die. Oil Spills are caused by boats or oil drilling in the ocean that comes up and spreads in the water effecting a lot of different environments.

4. Fertilizer

The fertilizer you put in your grass is very harmful and that something that people don't recognize very often. Its when it rains and you just put the fertilizer in your grass it washes away into the sewage and into close pond,lakes, and rivers going into the ocean and ground water.

5. Litter

When you throw your trash out into the street and into the pond its destroying not only our environment but animals habitats as well. The litter is bad for animals because they might try to eat it and it might kill them or not but either your hurting them and us.

Positve Immpacts

1. Artificial Reefs

Artificial Reefs help re-build an environment after a disaster. They come back and the reef lives because of the fish that come back and give it what ever it needs to live.

2. Picking Up Trash

Picking up trash will help the animals not become sick and they can live in an cleaner environment. If they live a cleaner life it will help them stay heath and die at the average age for there species.

3. Cut Carbon Dioxide

Cutting the carbon dioxide from our cars will help our drinking water and help the environment. So every year that's why we get our cars inspected to try and limit the amount of carbon dioxide that comes out of our cars and into the environment.

4. UN Agriculture and Climate change

During the Climate change some areas become dead and lose grass so the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or U.F.A.O.U.N. for short. They help plant grass in the areas that are dirt and plants grass to help our ground water.

5. Eco Friendly Fertilizer

Eco Friendly Fertilizer is not poisonous and will not effect the ground water or streams, ponds, lakes, river, etc.. It will help our animals environments and our drinking water if we use eco friendly fertilizer.