Used for fragile stuff

What is it made of?

Bubble wrap is made from small beads of polyethlene resin.Polyethlene is made out of oil.

How is it made of?

Extruded gets heated up & melted up.Extruder takes it out,a drum and it puts bubbles.

What is it used for?

Used for fragile stuff such as glass,glass dishes,statues,and glass cups.

What is done with it after it has been used?

1/3 is thrown away,they make .5%

What are some things people are trying in order to do things differently with this product?

Use bacteria to break down the bags,2nd turns back to oil,3rd make polyethylene from sugar cane,wheat grain,and sugar beet

What can I do to help improve this problem?

Stop using oil for bubblewrap,and use other kind of oil.