Devon Island Survival Guide

Mason Dallmeyer

Devon Island

My plane crashed on the coast of Canada in North America. This island has a Mars like terrain and is below zero for most of the year (polar). In order to survive you need these four things shelter, fire, food, and water. if you have those four things you should be able to survive long enough to send out an S.O.S. to get rescued or for them to send out a search for you.

Animals of Devon Island

There are native animals in on Devon Island also including, Canadian hares, sled dogs, and sheep. Sled dogs can help protect you and help you catch food. The sled dogs are not a likely food source. I think that this animal is big enough to attack me. But since they are named a sled dog I would think that he would rather help me than attack me. They are probably not likely to be dangerous to me.

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Plants of Devon Island

There are many different plants on Devon Island to including, Arctic Poppies, Red Mushrooms, and Red Moss. Red Mushrooms are probably not a good food source. I think that the Red Mushroom is not edible. Some mushrooms can give you diseases and the Red Mushroom is probably harmful to us so don't try them.

This Is your Survival Guide for Devon Island

Be prepared if you want to survive Devon Island