Room 107 News

September 15th

What Have We Been Learning?

Math- We have been playing a variety of games that involve counting, adding, and making numbers through different combinations. We will start a new unit of study next week around geometry. Please take a moment to notice how your child adds numbers. We have practiced three strategies at school. You will find them below in the chart book.

Writing- Our class has done an outstanding job of using the writing process and every student has written at least two personal narratives. If you have a moment, take a look at some of the writing teaching points below. These are all great discussion starters. Students have been connecting the spoken and written word by using the "touch and say" strategy. This is when students touch a blank page and say what they will draw and write. It sounds like this: "First.... Next.... Then.... Last....."

Reading- We have been working on strategies to use when we come to words we don't know. Our class also started guided reading groups this week. Please review the decoding strategies with your child when reading together at home. You will find them below.

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Home Reading

Your child will bring home three books each night. These books are at their independent level. This means that the books should be easy for them to read with expression, and they completely comprehend the text. Please let your child read to you and support them by modeling joy and enthusiasm around reading. The books your child brings home will change as they improve their skills. Students may choose library books at any text level; sometimes these are perfect to read to your child at home. Please contact me with questions or concerns around the books coming home each night.



School starts at 7:25 each morning. Children benefit from starting the day with their classmates and engaging in routines and rituals. Our morning routine is below...see if your child can remember what happens each morning. I encourage you to let your child play in the morning instead of standing outside of the door. Research study after research study supports the idea that physical activity and movement helps prepare the brain for learning.

No School Thursday September 18th AND Friday September 19th

Calling All Dads...

Our weekly mystery reader program kicked off this week. Matt Turner, a middle school counsellor, came to read the class a story. Our first few mystery readers will be guys. If you are interested in reading a story to the class, please email me.'ll be reading in a few weeks! :)

End of the Day

Please communicate with your child each morning about what will happen after school. Emails received about changes in plans often go unread until after student leave. If you do not receive a reply, I did not read your note. Thank you for your help with this.