Español 2

April 20-24

3 weeks to go ...

This week all students should be working in Unit 8. Unit 8 is open for all students. This is a very short unit. I am hopeful that students that have been working behind will use this week to catch up.

Grades are calculated like this:

1st quarter 37.5%
2nd quarter 37.5 %
Final Exam 25 %

For first quarter the lowest grade that could be given is a 60. For second quarter the lowest grade that can be given is a 50. Many students still have the opportunity to pass the class if they are behind or have not worked hard 2nd quarter. The most important thing though is that the students have to work and login and complete the work. If a student is not logging in daily and working at least 90 minutes a day it is going to be hard for them to be successful.

I encourage all parents to sit down with your child and look at the gradebook. I am pretty much up to date on grading. I am missing a few speaking assignments and projects, but almost everything is graded. I am working very hard to get all projects graded by today.

Below is the Required Live Class schedule. There are many opportunities to attend the U7 RLC if they did not attend while we were in U7. The participation category in the gradebook and the Actividad Cultural section in the grade are assignments that are completed 100 % in English. So, even if a student struggles in learning a foreign language this is an area where they should shine. Many of the students love learning about the culture and do a wonderful job sharing and comparing the cultures.

In the last 3 weeks, I would love to see all students end the course with the energy that they started the course with in January.

Remember Friday, May 8 at 11:55 pm the course will be closing.

What is due this week?

  • **Unidad 8 - Required Live Class** - (during week 15 or week 16)

  • Lección 3

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Actividades de Vocabulario

    • _____ Prueba de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • _____ Escribir

    • _____ Hablar

    • _____ Escuchar

    • _____ Actividad Cultural

    • (_____ Actividad Suplementaria ~ BBC Mi Vida Loca: Episodio 3)

    • _____ Proyecto Final

    • _____ U8/Final: Update your eLinguaFolio & Reflect

(Week 15 & 16’s work closes permanently on Friday at 11:55 pm)

RLC Schedule this week

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