Albert Einstein

Odd boy on the outside, Genius on the inside!

Alberts life

Albert was born different. He grew up being different compared to everyone else. He didn't have many friends but he was abnormally smart. As Albert went into school he didnt have many friends but his grades were great! Albert was always thinking about something. How it worked or how it could work. Once Albert was a little older his family housed a very intelligent medical student. They would practice geometry together and soon after Albert was ahead of the medical student who could no longer keep up with Albert's intelligence. When Albert is about 15 he moves to Italy with his family. He applies for a college in Switzerland but is not accepted. Albert decides to finish his high school diploma then get into the college. After he finishes school Albert becomes a father and husband. Having a family does not stop Albert from thinking about light, space, time,etc. Albert becomes a scientist and discovers great new scientific theories, which leads him to win a nobel prize! Albert might not have been a normal boy like everyone else, but if he was normal he would have never discovered all the things that he did!

Odd boy out

Albert showed us that it is okay to be different! Albert never fit in with the popular crowd, or any crowd for that matter, but he didnt have too! He was a gifted man who dedicated his time to science, discovering things and thinking of things that nobody else would! Nobody ever realized how smart Albert was until he showed everyone! He was the odd boy out growing up but soon became an inspiration to many!