Sycamore Leaf

March 27, 2020

Distance Learning Update

Sadly, our plan for three weeks of distance learning has been extended until May 5. I think we're all desperately missing our school friends and activities. Still, I can't help but feel great pride when I see the clever ways our staff, students and families are learning at home. Though it is not the same and it isn't easy, we are finding ways to connect and learn.

Pacing ourselves and setting reasonable expectations can make distance learning more manageable for both adults and children. Teachers have been intentionally working on ways to connect with students and families. They're suggesting flexible schedules with regular practice for language arts and math, occasional lessons for social students and science, and links to opportunities for enrichment as parents see fit. Distance learning is proving taxing and time-consuming for staff as they create lessons and intense and sometimes frustrating for families who try to implement those plans. Patience with yourself and others is essential! We can't replicate a school day at Sycamore, but we can work together to provide instruction and a different kind of learning at home.

Over the next week, teachers will refine their routines and strategies for lesson delivery. Soon, our art teacher, Mary Town, and our music teacher, Mason Hensley, will begin to share weekly lessons, too. When we return from Spring Break, we’ll build on what we've learned and continue with distance learning, maybe in a more comfortable way. Please continue to strive for balance, practice self-care, and exercise mindfulness to find the positives in this unique season for everyone.

Links to key resources

General information and links to resources

Information on continuing to access school lunches:

Links to Enrichment Resources and Student Technology Support

Link to student tech support during the day

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Guide

Video link for coaching on setting up schedules at home (by Cheri Vandermay, CUSD Behaviorist)

Please email your child's teacher or Mrs. Stanger for any other questions or needs.

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)

Yesterday, Ms. Bowman, our EL Coordinator, sent an email to families of students learning English as their second language. A link in that email will allow parents to interact with the content of our spring English Language Advisory Committee meeting between now and April 3. If you did not receive the email but would like to contribute to the meeting, please contact Mrs. Stanger directly.

Planning for Special Traditions

Had we been in school this week, we would have been enjoying our 40th Annual Multi-Cultural and International Day. This is just one of the special events and traditions our students are missing while we are away from school. We are looking at our school's calendar to postpone and making alternative plans for special events. For example, we will be creating a digital collection of our Publishing House stories this year. We'll be working on our yearbook remotely, as well. Though our situation may keep us from being together right now, we'll do all we can to preserve the favorites of Sycamore in one way or another.

Online Orders for SCRIP

Sycamore continues to have Scrip and we've created a way to get it to you. Please fill out this form and you'll be contacted about your preferred way of getting the scrip to you. Keep in mind, a percentage of each purchase raises funds for our school.

Here's the link to the form:

Spirit Day next Wednesday

All of us need a little lift these days, right? Next Wednesday, April 1st will be an all-school Sycamore Spirit Day. Wear your Sycamore gear, draw a note or write a letter for a Sycamore friend. Share your ideas and pictures with your classroom teacher or Mrs. Stanger. Parents may choose to share on the Governance Council Community Facebook page. Have fun!

Publishing House Update

If your child is a Publishing House author this year, look for an email sent on 3/27. It includes information regarding our adjustment to a digital version of our Publishing House books. If your child is an author and you did not receive the email, please contact Mrs. Stanger.

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