Stance of Media and Media Literate

Young's stance of Media and Media Literate

I think media is the mean of communication between societies as radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, and Internet. Media is used for lots of way. It’s being very easy to express their emotions to the social network service and people give and share their information through media. People are having common interests like famous movies and stars. Companies are advertising through media. Today, everyone is connected to the media in some way, so media is the effective communication way today. I think media literate means having an education about media which is currently huge communication way. Learn how to give and share their thinking and information by using social network service and other media sources. There are few examples of social network service that lots of people are using. Facebook and Twitter is the representative examples. Huge numbers of people are having Facebook and Twitter account. People upload their emotions, photos, and other personal information on the Facebook and Twitter. Today, social network service is like the way to get to know about someone. Even today, people who are not using social network service, miss information from their relationships and miss their communication with relationships. Sometimes, social network service is using in different way which is not permissible. For example, talking behind someone’s back and expropriates other’s personal information. Like this, social network service is important today and students should learn how to use media in right way. Therefore, media can be lasted for a while in great communication way between societies and humans.

Make Love, Not War - Axe - Super Bowl Commercial 2014

rhetorical precis

Axe in its 2014 Super Bowl commercial depicts that the world seems to be dangerous, such as armed forces preparing their weapons for war, but then everything suddenly turns into peacefulness, Axe supports its allegory by flips the script on the perception of many different types of powerful men. The company’s purpose is to convey all people to stop fighting in order to make love, not war, by using Axe spray. The company publicizes in a hopeful tone for adult men who need to keep peace and make love with ending the war.

Sochi Olympic Satire

Sochi Olympics figure skating gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova of Russia celebrated wildly and many shed tears of joy. That reminded her numerous efforts. Adelina pushed back queen of figure skating, Yuna Kim, to a second place on the basis of her cursory and mistakable performance that scored 220 easily. This result could left some people furious over what they saw as questionable judging. However, all specialists said Adelina admire the would and her perfect performance bring up the image of Vladimir Putin on the ice. There is an air of expectancy among the figure skating specialists about Adelina's next performance on the next winter Olympics without Putin's cheer and nation. Yuna Kim gibe a word of celebration to gold medalist. Many reporter anticipated gold medal will go to Yuna Kim as always. It is no use struggling and wriggling. Yuna Kim's only disadvantage is nationality. Sure enough Adelina is from Russia where number one figure skater Putin exists. Adelina performed fantastic gala to return Russian's favor. Adelina described moth vividly. She changed all the audiences cheer loudly. A moth on the ice raise gold medal straight up in the air and hug to her master, Putin.
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Korean War

On June 25, 1950, the Korean War began when some 75,000 soldiers from the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel, the boundary between the Soviet-backed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the north and the pro-Western Republic of Korea to the south. This invasion was the first military action of the Cold War. By July, American troops had entered the war on South Korea’s behalf. As far as American officials were concerned, it was a war against the forces of international communism itself. After some early back-and-forth across the 38th parallel, the fighting stalled and casualties mounted with nothing to show for them. Meanwhile, American officials worked anxiously to fashion some sort of armistice with the North Koreans. The alternative, they feared, would be a wider war with Russia and China–or even, as some warned, World War III. Finally, in July 1953, the Korean War came to an end. In all, some 5 million soldiers and civilians lost their lives during the war. The Korean peninsula was divided until South Korea formed a military alliance with U.S. In December 1953, the North Korea was in confusion for choosing president. Three different power exercise vigilance each other and betrayal and hatred were existed in North Korea. While North Korea thought ceasefire would still forever, South Korea slowly readied for Korean War II. U.S General McArthur commanded U.S army and landed in Incheon city of South Korea. McArthur troops beleaguered west and east side of North Korea territory. Unprepared North Korea army couldn't strike a blow against a firm strategy South Korea. In March 1954, North Korea was lost their power, government, territory, and market to South Korea. General McArthur is still treating as hero in South Korea. Every March 13th day is General McArthur’s day in South Korea. People give appreciation to General McArthur for conquering North Korea. After South Korea conquered North Korea, U.S requested to stop make nuclear weapon and other nuclear power in this country. South Korea agreed with U.S opinion and followed their direction. In November 1954, Korea tried to narrow the gap between the rich and poor along the north and south of the country. South, where receive support from U.S, was more developed than North. Korean government imposed a new tax law. This brought successful result for the gap between the rich and poor. Korea is still a democratic state and a dictatorial government of North Korea was ended since Korean War II. A dictatorial government and nuclear supply is no longer in existence in Korea.

Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)

Skyfall by Adele

The song, skyfall by Adele, is about the lesson that Winston Smith, main character in Orwell’s book 1984, gave to us. This song expresses the downfall of Winston which is Winston’s rebellion against party. First of all it says “this is the end”. This is when Winston writes “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER” in his diary, Winston is positive that the Thought Police will quickly capture him for committing a thoughtcrime. These risks will increase his chances of being caught by the Party; he even admits this to O’Brien while in prison. But because he believes that he will be caught no matter what he does, he convinces himself that he must continue to rebel. When it says “Where you go, I go, What you see, I see” it explains that the telescreen is watching Winston’s life every day at every point. The purpose of the telescreen is to maintain control over the Oceanic society. The party uses it as a tool to differentiate between the supporters of Big Brother, a manifestation of the Party, and dissidents, those that want to oppose or rebel against an authoritative party. The people are under constant surveillance.

Reflection about the Media Literacy

Media is the mean of communication between societies as TV and Internet. Media is used for lots of way and it is very important part of our life today. This year, I learned lots of things about how to use this necessary resource. Social media is helpful in many ways. At the same time it is used inefficient in many ways. This semester, I learned how to use social media as helpful resource in many ways and how can it be used as inefficient resource. For example, people advertise, share, and communicate their information with others by using social network, Facebook and Twitter. It is being very easy to express their information. However, social media often used to expropriates other’s personal information. Also, government and other private groups fabricate real facts because of their benefits. People hear wrong information and have a wrong perception about society. Through this class, I learned how to use media in right way and realized how dangerous it is and how great communication way it is between societies and humans. This class was quite different that other Language Arts classes I took. First of all, many lessons were put media resource to good use and it went off well. This is on opportunity for me to learn at firsthand about the social media. Movies, videos, news, lectures, and few articles are all media resources that I experienced in this class. Various types of resources are all have different characteristics and all kinds of those media resources are helpful to understand each topic. This class was a well-ordered Language Arts class. If this class uses some media resource like other lesson for reading 1984 book then the class could be better in the future. Reading book is also one of media resource but other media resource like watching video can help students to concentrate better.