A Modest Proposal

Abuse Of Woman

Nicole Een Hour: 5

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The Problem

Women are in the shadows of men. Woman being abuse is a big problem between married couples. The women doesn't say anything and walk around in public with bruised on their face and cuts on their arms and legs, if someone asks them what happened they just lie and say they fell. I was out shopping with my best friend one day; we were trying on dresses when I saw bruises up and down her legs. I asked her what happened and she told me her cat attacked her. She doesn't have a cat. Women in the world let the men they love the most bet on them.

The Proposal/ The Solution

My proposal to fix this problem is to start teaching little boy how to beat on little girls at a young age. I will have teacher make it a lesson that the boys need to learn. The boys that have moms that are getting beat by dad I will make sure they take what they will home to show mom what her little boy learned at school. Mom will then see what is happening to her and do something about it, not just sit back and let it happen.

The Plan

The plan is to enforce teachers to teach their boys that they need to be the boss when they around women and use abuse as a way to control them. I will personal go into school and teach the boys myself. We will pay for the extra teacher will a bill that i will pass that increases taxes that helps pay for more teachers.

The Advantages

Advantages for my proposal to teach boys to beat girls at the youngest age so they grow up and do the same thing to their wife's. Other advantage would be the these young boys would be really strong. Which girls will be scared of so when they do start physically beating on women, the women wont say anything because they are too scared and the women think the men will leave them if they tell. Next advantages would be to that all boys would be strong so when it comes it lifting anything it wouldn't be a problem. The last advantage would be best male students because this is something they want to learn, all little boy want to learn how to fight. The relationship between teachers and male students would be stronger.

The Expedients

Society has failed to solve a problem that been going in since the start of time. Women have shown to ignore the problem of being abused by their men because in this day in age the men are the boss in the relationship so women think its ok to walk around in public bruises all over their body and that nobody will say anything when in reality other women that see that is more likely to say something.

The Conclusion

I conclude in my proposal that we make poster of little boys beating on girls and the teacher in the background cheering them on. Then I will post them all over office building, gyms, and shopping malls so women will see what is going on and maybe just maybe speak up for whats going with them and what how the love of their life really feels about them.