The BULLetin

September 30, 2021

Upcoming Events and Reminders

Please read the information in The BULLetin in it's entirety. This is our weekly communication to bring you up to speed on all important information.

Important information, upcoming events, and details can be found further in the Bulletin.

The BULLetin Information:

  • **NEW** Murphy Celebrations
  • **REMINDER** Spirit Week NEXT WEEK!
  • **REMINDER** Murphy Spiritwear- DUE OCTOBER 8TH
  • **NEW** Math Competition Team Tryouts
  • **NEW** Yearbook Club
  • **NEW** Maverick Makers Art Club
  • **NEW** Oswego Public Library Writing Contest
  • **NEW** Restaurant Night! PANERA
  • ALICE Parent/Guardian Letter
  • FASTBridge Information
  • **UPDATED** KCCFP Food Drive Information...Help out Murphy!
  • TDL and Absences
  • General Updates and Information
  • Student Support Time plan for students
  • PTO Support Form
  • Murphy Yearbook
  • Picture Day Information
  • Student Services Information

Important Upcoming Dates:
  • October 1- School Picture Re-takes/Make-up
  • October 8- School Improvement Day: 3.5 hour Students Attendance
  • October 11- Columbus Day- No student Attendance
  • November 1- Winter Athletic Pictures (boys basketball, wrestling, poms)

Murphy Celebrations!

Take a look below at some GREAT things that are happening in classes at Murphy!

Mrs. Waldron's Class

Think-Pair-Share activity
6th grade EL Social Studies participated in a review activity to check for understanding and clear up any parts that were foggy on hemispheres, lines of latitude & longitude, seasons, cardinal & intermediate directions, and global grid. The students loved being able to clarify material for one another. Upon the end of class, students shared, “I get it now!” Today was a success. Way to go 6th grade!

Mrs. Alesia's 6th Grade Class

After completing the first unit test this week, students worked on extension activities with decimals. Our real-world application of our skills came from shopping from the grocery store flyers. Students had to incorporate all their decimal learning targets into their shopping experiences. They loved taking their shopping lists, choosing their items all while staying within their budget. Lots of collaboration and creative shopping lists.

Mrs. Alesia's 8th Grade Classes

This week in review for their first unit test, students in Mrs. Alesia's math classes chose from a variety of choice activities (independent, partner, small group, teacher-group) in order to study and review the laws of exponents, scientific notation and square roots. Awesome collaboration by all students in order to prepare for their test.

Lindsay Currie Author Visit

6th grade students had a great visit with author, Lindsay Currie! We were so lucky to have her join us this week. The students really enjoyed the visit...

Murphy Cross Country

Great job Cross Country! Check out the Cross Country Results against Thompson here.

Great job everyone!!

Start With Hello Week!

WOW!!! What a GREAT "Start with Hello" Week!! Start with Hello is an event that was developed through the Sandy Hook Promise. Its goal is to promote inclusivity within the school environment, in hopes of combating school violence. Next week, Murphy Junior High will be celebrating this week. For more information, visit this site:

Look at all the POSITIVE our kids did! Let's keep it going!

Thank you to our Murphy Student Ambassadors who assisted this week!

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Spirit Week is next week!
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Murphy Spiritwear

Many people have asked for more Murphy spiritwear. Well, you ask and you shall receive!...check out the link below to order spiritwear for Murphy! Remember, we celebrate being a MAVERICK every Friday, so be sure to wear your Murphy gear on Fridays! Grab something new for the year!

Orders are due October 8th and will be delivered to first period classes by October 29th. Please include your first period class when you check out.

Order here:

Questions?... email

Math Competition Team Tryouts

The Competition Series is ideal for students who have a talent and passion for math and need to be challenged. Students will engage in exciting, "bee-style" contests in which they will compete against and alongside other bright, motivated students. At the local, state and national level, students win hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships and prizes every year.

On October 12 from 3:15 – 4:30 we will be holding a school competition to select 10-12 students who will represent Murphy Junior High at the Marmion Junior High Math competition ( November 13) and the chapter MathCounts competition (usually in February). It is the hope that some of our students will qualify to compete in the state and national competitions again! Dates of the competitions will come soon.

If you are active in a fall sport at Murphy and cannot attend the School competition please see Mrs. Borneman and we can work something out. Math team meetings will be on Tuesdays and are required to qualify to compete.

Murphy Math COMPETITION Team

Yearbook Club

Are you interested in designing the yearbook pages for the 2021-2022 Murphy yearbook? Can you meet on Thursdays after school? If you answered yes, you should join the Murphy Yearbook Club! The club will meet two Thursdays a month from 3:10-4:30 pm. Please see the linked permission slip below for details and to join. Can't wait to see you!

Murphy Yearbook Club

Maverick Makers Art Club

Join the Maverick Makers Club! it is run as an "art open studio"...there will be planned activities/projects led by Ms. Kunsch. Makers will also have the opportunity to work on projects of their own choosing, at times. Check it out!

Maverick Makers Club

Oswego Public Library Teen Writing Contest

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Restaurant Night- PANERA

Join us for a Murphy restaurant night event on Tuesday, October 19 at Panera Bread at 1450 Douglas Road, Oswego. 20% of all sales will be donated back to Murphy...ordering options include Panera Curbside, Panera Delivery, Rapid Pick-Up, or Drive-Thru and take-out/dine-in when and where available. **Use code PRFund at check-out when ordering online**

Panera Fundraiser Flyer

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ALICE Parent/Guardian Letter

Parents/Guardians- Please read the SD308 ALICE Parent Letter linked below for information regarding ALICE and safety drills this year.

SD308 Secondary ALICE Parent Letter

Kendall County Community Food Pantry Food Drive 2021

Our Food Drive runs from 10/04-10/13! Winners of the Food Drive will be announced during the halftime show of the Crosstown Challenge game!

KCCFP Food Drive Flyer

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Temporary Distance Learning and Absences

Temporary Distance Learning and Absences

Remember, Temporary Distance Learning is not available for students who are absent from school for various reasons. Temporary Distance Learning only applies to students who are put on quarantine by the school/district. If your child is absent from school, he/she/they still have access to Google Classroom to obtain assignments, however, they are not able to log into the Google Meet for live instruction.

Quarantine Process

If your child is sent home from school for COVID-19 symptoms, or, you choose to keep your child home from school due to COVID-19 symptoms and contact the office to report the absences and symptoms, you will receive a letter from the nurse/school with quarantine procedures and the information on Temporary Distance Learning. Students are not able to return to school until the information on the letter from the nurse/school has been addressed (this could include a signature from a parent supporting an alternate diagnosis or a negative COVID test). If your child is coming back prior to the end date of the district/school issued quarantine, based on your signature on the bottom of the letter that was sent home supporting an alternate diagnosis or negative COVID test, your child will need to report to the Main Office or Health Office with the signed form and/or additional paperwork (negative test) to receive an orange pass that allows them to return to their classes early. This orange pass will need to be carried through the day to show each of their teachers.

If your child is in quarantine for the entire period of time listed in the letter sent by the nurse/school, they are able to participate in Temporary Distance Learning each day. If your child in quarantine will NOT be attending TDL, please contact the attendance line to report their absence.

Murphy Attendance Line: 630-608-5101

General Updates and Important Information

Free Lunch: Remember, school lunches are free again this year. Students are allowed one free school lunch each day. If students prefer to eat more than just one school lunch, they should bring extra food from home to eat in addition to their school issued free lunch so Aramark has enough food for the rest of the students.

Temporary Distance Learning: Please remember that Temporary Distance Learning is only applied to students who are in quarantine. If a student is able to return to school based on a complete quarantine, alternate diagnosis, or a negative COVID test and stay home from school, it would be considered an unexcused absence, unless called in, and they are not able to access the Google Meet for classrooms.

Temporary Distance Learning Work Expectations: When students are on Temporary Distance Learning, they are expected to attend their classes remotely and complete work through the Google Meet link, Google Classroom, or anything the teacher provides. If a student is expected to be on TDL and does not attend classes remotely, they will be marked absent/unexcused from class unless they are called into the attendance line. (If a student does not feel well while out on quarantine, they will need to be called into the attendance line if they are not able to attend remotely in order to be marked excused). Work that is not completed may be entered in the gradebook as missing.

Student Support Time

Students!...Here is a student-friendly copy of the SST weekly expectations. Use this to keep yourself organized and prepared for the week!

Student Support Time Expectations


Please help support the PTO!

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Typically our PTO doesn’t host traditional fundraisers, instead we request a one-time annual family donation to help support our various programs. During these extraordinary times, these donations are more important than ever!

There are three ways you can donate this year:

  • Mail a check (made out to MJHS PTO) to the school (26923 Grande Park Blvd Plainfield, IL 60585). Please fill out the form below and include in your sealed envelope.
  • We now accept Venmo and Zelle!
  • To use Venmo, search for Murphy-PTO-1 or 630-263-2633 (four digit code is 2633).
  • To use Zelle, search (will show up as Deanna, our treasurer) or search MurphyPTO.

Thank you so much for your donation! We greatly appreciate your

generosity and support!

If you have any questions, please email us at:


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Murphy Yearbook


Top Reasons To Order

  • Printed pictures of all the things.
  • Your future self will thank you.
  • Signing day is the best day.
  • So. Many. Memories
  • It's the lowest price of the year.

Order yours today!

Questions? Contact Ms. Fell -

School Picture Ordering

***Paid VanGogh picture packages went out in the mail yesterday, September 22nd. You should receive them in the next few days.***

REMEMBER: Picture Retakes are October 1st!


To place an order, please visit our website at Select before picture day and enter School Code 20074502.


If you are unhappy with your original photo, please go to the camera on retake day. If a picture package was purchased, please return the package to the photographer on retake day and we will print the original order with the new image. Be aware that the retake photo REPLACES the original image.

Forgot to Order the Original Photo?

Visit our website at, click on After Picture Day and enter the Ticket Code located on the proof card which will be handed out at school next week.

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Student Services Information

Start with Hello Week 9/27 - 10/2

This week, Murphy Junior High celebrated Start with Hello week! Start with Hello is an event that was developed through the Sandy Hook Promise. Its goal is to promote inclusivity within the school environment, in hopes of combating school violence. For more information, visit this site:

Students: we are challenging you to help us build a culture of inclusivity and empathy! If you see someone sitting alone, invite them to sit with you! Reach out and help someone!

Our Student Ambassadors are helping with this event. They greeted students upon arrival, wrote positive comments/greetings on the sidewalks, and left positive post-its on lockers. We are hopeful that this positivity carries throughout the school year as we continue to encourage an inclusive community.

Start with hello!

Service Hour Information

Current 8th graders will be recognized at promotion night for turning in any service hours during their 3 years at Murphy. Current 7th graders will need to turn in 15 hours by the end of their 8th grade year to be recognized at promotion night. Current 6th graders will need to turn in 25 hours by the end of their 8th grade year to be recognized at promotion night.

Please use the form below to track your service hours and turn them into your counselor by Friday May 6th 2022.

Service Hour Verification form 21/22

High School Courses: Credit Opt-Out Process

If you have a student enrolled in Algebra I, Honors English I, or Spanish I and do not want your student to receive high school credit for the class (Algebra I or Honors English I only) or wish to drop the course, please click the “Opt-Out Form” link below for further information. Opt-out forms must be completed and returned to your student’s counselor by Thursday, October 28th, 2021.

High School Credit Opt-Out Form

Virtual Office Links

Mrs. Zawacki - virtual office (Counselor, Last Names A-K)

Mr. Falli -virtual office (Counselor, Last Names L-Z)

Mrs. Noll -virtual office (School Social Worker, Last Names A-K and Instructional Skills Program)

Ms. Thompson -email (School Social Worker, Last Names L-Z and FBI Program)

Ms. Brilliandt -email (School Psychologist)

Health Office Staff

Mrs. Tindall, Health Clerk

Nurse Trish;

SD308 Community Resource Page

Please visit the district’s website for community based-agencies and services for families. There are many different services listed to assist families including financial, healthcare, housing, mental health/wellness services.

Click Here: SD308 Family & Community Resources Website

The Maverick Way Outside of School

Murphy Junior High students are doing amazing things in the classroom as well as demonstrating “The Maverick Way” outside of school. If any student is demonstrating “The Maverick Way” outside of school we want to know about it! Please contact Brian Falli at or Brandi Zawacki at

*Don’t forget to include some pictures in your email.

Upcoming Events/Important Dates

Use the "Murphy Building Calendar" link below to see all the things going on at Murphy Junior High.

Murphy Building Calendar

One way to stay up to date with what is going on at Murphy is to see our upcoming events.

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Mission Statement

Murphy Junior High School is an inclusive and supportive community that promotes student success by ensuring ALL students are college and career ready.

Vision Statement

Every student. Every day. Grow. Inspire. Empower.