Operation Bunny

The story of Emily Vole


Emily Vole

Daisy Dashwood

Ronald Dashwood

Miss. String


Pink Bunnies

The story of Emily Vole

Soon after Emily was born, she was found in a box with a bomb. Someone found her, and brought her to the orphanage. Daisy and Ronald Dashwood adopted her becuase they really wanted a kid. A few years later, Daisy had a pair of triplets and wanted to get rid of Emily. Ronald said that they couldn't, then the orphanage would take it as disrespect. Emily was treated as their slave, and was locked in the laundry room unless she was called on to clean the upstairs. Until one day she met her neighbor and her talking cat named Fidget. Not too many days later, her neighbor Miss. String died, but Fidget remained alive. Her and Fidget ran away, but Daisy and Ronald followed them.

How are the pink bunnies made?

The pink bunnies are made from a villain named Harpella's magic lamp. She pulls a trigger and purple smoke comes out and turns people to bunnies. Every person on the train got turned to a bunny because of that lamp.