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What are Sit-ins

African Americans were involved in sit-ins. they would go to a white counter and ask for coffee and when they were refused they would just sit there besides all the name calling the would just sit patiently for coffee. This inspired other groups by just sitting there and let the violence be on the whites part and and other people would see the righteousness of their cause

When Sit-ins happened

In north Carolina, Sit-ins started happening during the 1960's, also known as the Civil Rights movement . It then later spread to more parts of country. After the sit ins, the African american had more courage and and were able to be served in white places. Not only was it the African- Americans, it were minority groups also. So they got the same effects as the African Americans.

why did sit-ins happen?

Some white people hated the blacks and didn't want to even be within 1 foot of them. while just a little bit amount of white people were protesting with the blacks. So when people noticed that no one liked the blacks they decided to make "sit-ins" where the blacks have to sit down and stay quiet && sometimes the whites would throw junk at them.

the purpose of sit-ins

sit- ins began in the 1960 the end segregation. As blacks walked into white only restaurants & would wait to be served, they would be threatened by the white customers who also tried to provoke fights. later on down the road restaurants along the south began to abandon their policies of segregation. this lead to future events like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SWCC) and the Congress On Racial Equality (CORE)