Become a Google Certified Educator!

In five simple steps!

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Google for Education Certified Innovator

Google for Education Certified Innovators are selected based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, their innovative use of technology in school settings and their potential impact on other educators.

Why should you become a Google Certified Educator?

  • Demonstrate and document your skill with classroom technology.
  • Gain confidence with a range of G-Suite Tools.
  • Get recognized for the work you do!
  • Join a community of other passionate educators!

Who gets certified?

  • Classroom Teachers
  • Ancillary Staff (Librarians, Technology Lab Teachers, Art, Music, etc.)
  • School-Based Instructional Specialists
  • School Administrators (Principals, Assistant Principals)
  • District-Level Support Staff

You Should Know Before Getting Started That:

  • Getting Google Certified could represent a significant investment of your time.
  • The online training modules on Google's website can take up to 12 hours to complete.
  • The exam is not free and is not given by the the district.

Step 1: Visit the Google for Education Training Center (Highly Recommended)


  • Use your district Google account to log in -- this saves your progress and accomplishments.
  • The Google for Education Training Center is a super-helpful hub of resources!
  • Use the button below to go to the training center.

Step 2: Work through the Self-Paced Modules (Recommended)

  • Level 1 Training - 13 self-paced modules covering fundamentals of integrating Google into your classroom or daily work
  • Each module has a helpful review at the end to help prepare you for the level 1 exam
  • Keep in mind that you can work through all of the modules or just some of the material; the amount of work you need to do depends on your background
  • Many people also find and attend 1-2 day Google Certified Educator Level 1 Bootcamps. If you would like to find out about the next bootcamp in our district, check GoSignMeUp.

Step 3: Get Ready for the Level 1 Exam! (Highly Recommended)

There are many, many helpful sites and resources out there to help you prepare for the Level 1 Exam.

The amount of time you should spend preparing for the exam depends on your unique background and whether or not you are using Google tools each day in your classroom or job.

Exam Tips and Tricks:

  • Review some sample exam questions
  • Review this Level 1 skill checklist created by Eric Curts to assess your skills prior to the exam.
  • Be sure to use the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Keep in mind that the exam features mostly performance based scenarios where you will use and create with G Suite to complete.

  • Follow exam directions exactly as stated

  • Question Types: Multiple choice, true/false and matching/drag/drop questions

  • Mark the ones you aren’t sure of and go back and look at again after completing the rest of the exam.

  • Your webcam will take your image and random images of your computer screen. during the exam - you must provide the computer. I do not recommend using a district-issued Chromebook. I recommend a laptop or a desktop computer with a webcam attached.

  • Remember! The exam is open “Internet” - have a second computer (use 2 monitors) next to you so you can find, test or check your responses.

  • Copy and paste text in performance scenarios for spelling.

  • If you encounter any technical errors while taking the exam, please fill the form out at this link:

Step 4: Register for the Level 1 Exam (Required)

Register for the exam!

  • The exams are performance based; they focus on your ability to use Google tools in an K-12 classroom context
  • Your Level 1 certificate is good for three years

Step 5: Take the Level 1 Exam (Required)

Keep in mind:

  • The exam costs $10.00 and takes 3 hours.
  • All registration, payment, and testing takes place online.
  • You will need to create a username and password for the exam.
  • After completing the registration, expect to get an email with your login for the exam.
  • Once you receive the link to your exam, you have seven days to login and complete the exam, or you will need to register again.
  • Expect to see your exam results the same day you take the exam

What if I didn't pass?

If you didn't pass....take a deep breath and relax; many educators are not used to the format of the exam (performance based items) and the time limit (180 minutes) and run into difficulties.

Keep the following facts in mind:

  • You must pay $10 each time you take the exam
  • You can take the exam for a second time 14 days after your first try.
  • You can test for a third time in 60 days.
  • If you don't pass on your third try, you will need to wait one year to take the exam again.

I Passed! What comes next?

1. Earn 12 CLUs by uploading your Level 1 certificate to Canvas!

2. Join our community -- Put Yourself on the Map!

3. Become a Level 2 Certified Educator!

4. Going Beyond Level 2 -- Become a Google for Education Certified Trainer!