Reading Review

Title 1 newsletter for Barry School

December Assessment

During December, we spend much of our time assessing students. We like to see and share the progress that your child has made this year so far! Letters will be sent home next week to share with you the progress your child has made since the beginning of the school year. Please be on the lookout for it!

In the new year

When school resumes in January, we will spend the first week assessing new students and grouping children into small groups that are reading at about the same level. It is not uncommon for students to move from Mrs. Klingenberg to Mrs. Smith. We move students between the two of us so that they are working with students that are similar to them, so they can get the "just right" instruction that they need in order to become better readers and writers.

Winter break ideas

Keep your child in the reading habit over break! Please aim to have them read about 20 minutes a day for four to five days a week. We know the holidays are busy, but want to make sure that they return to school ready to continue the great work they have already shown!

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns

Mrs. Jamie Klingenberg

Mrs. Kathy Smith

Holiday Homework

Have your child write a few paragraphs describing a fun experience they had over their break. Have them return their writing back to school by January 8 for a surprise from us. Bonus points if they include an illustration or use figurative language (ex. it was as cold as the Arctic).