The Capital of Romania

The "Big" City

Bucharest is the largest city in Romania. It is located forty-three miles away from the Danube River. It is also the cultural, industrial, and financial center of the great country. Its has a population of 1,883,435 million people.


Bucharest is a republic. It has a president, (right), and three branches of government, (legislative, executive, and judicial), just like the United States.

Bucharestian Sports

Weather and Natural Disasters

Bucharest has very interesting weather patterns. They have cold, windy winters and very hot summers. In the winter, it can reach lows as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, (0 degrees Celsius). In these months, Bucharest gets only two or less hours of sunshine each day. In the summer, Bucharest can reach highs of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, (30 degrees Celsius), with very little rainfall. Bucharest has a bad problem with Earthquakes. It really is their only very dangerous disaster. For example, in Alabama we do tornado drills in our schools, but in Bucharest, they do several earthquake drills.

Language and Religion

In Bucharest, their primary language is Romanian, 91% of the people their speak it. People also speak Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, German, etc. In Bucharest, their main religions are the Romanian Orthodox Church headed by a patriarch in Bucharest and Roman Catholicism.