Gatsby Gazette

Chandler Kammerer

Who Was There?

At the most recent party, there was more people invited that usual. Many others also arrived to the party even though they weren't invited. Professional Golfer, Jordan Baker was present. You might remember her from that recent scandal in the golfing world. Gatsby's neighbor, Tom Carraway was with Ms. Baker. There was a nice orchestra present again as well. The Roosevelt's were also present at the Gatsby Mansion at this party. Gatsby was even seen at his most recent event speaking with a select group of people individually throughout the evening.

The Atmosphere

The mood of the party was very lively, happy, and loud. Everyone was able to have a great time and enjoy themselves. There was definitely no need to have any drama over the occurrence of this event.

American High Society

You are able to watch everyone do whatever they please. Because of their social status, they feel as if they can get away with anything. Many people are going to these parties to find new lovers even with their significant other at this event with them close by.

Rumor Has It

Many rumors are brought up of who Jay Gatsby truly is. Some say he grew up in Germany. Others say he was their spy in the war. Many also whisper that they think he has killed someone. Another rumor is that Gatsby does not anyone to be mad at him so he treats them well.