Cleveland Morning News

Febuary 7, 2002

Breaking News!!

There is a Vacant Lot in the middle of several buildings, and there is some suspicious plants back there. We interviewed the lady that was planting and she said " I'm just planting to help the community out and making it pretty around here." There you have it, just helping out Cleveland. Well that's all folks!!

The Atmosphere in Cleveland is so beautiful it is lots of fun and it's fun planting with other friends.

Garden Party

Plant-Hang out

Sae Young, Kim, Florence,and Wendell all were brought together to help the community by planting. Kim planted some Lima beans and Sae young planted hot peppers, they all planted,in the torn down vacant lot so they can have more foods.

All of these people are great help to our community, we need this everywhere in the United States. Sae Young and the (gang) had a little picnic where all of them planted and it turned out pretty well for Cleveland and we have alot of help from those wonderful people