War on drugs

Nevaeh Davis,Perrin Teer, and Braden Lovejoy

Driving Question

How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South America drugs from entering East Texas?

Trying to stop drugs from entering East Texas

South America keeps selling and buying drugs in East Texas.

We are trying to help stop it from growing.

Made by: Nevaeh Davis

What has been done to Stop drug trafficking

The u.s has tried to make a law to stop drug trafficking.

The u.s has issued a law that you have to show a passport to them and they ask a series of questions.

Made by: Perrin Teer

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How we are going to fix the problem

We will make everyone who wants to come into the U.S. have a drug search with drug dogs.

Must have every single part of air vehicle inspected no matter what.

Every boat must pay a fine of $500 no matter what.

Some problems we might have, would be that people might slip through security and not have to go through inspection.

We hope this plan will last forever.

You should try our plan because we think it will work very well.

Made by : group 1

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Why you should try our plan

The state of Texas should use our plan because it will work very well with how many inspections and searches there are.

Made by:Braden lovejoy

What we learned

I learned that there is more drug dealers out there then I thought. Nevaeh Davis

I learned what drugs can do to you. Braden Lovejoy

I learned the meanings of transportations they use to get drugs across the border.Perrin Teer

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