Animal Farm Project

By Harrison Slotky

First Character- Napoleon

Trait 1- Selfish

Evidence 1- He hogged all of the goods (food, water etc.)

Evidence 2- He gave himself 1/2 gallon of alcohol daily while the other pigs got 1/2 pint.

Evidence 3- He reduced the other animals' rations and increased the pigs'.

Napoleon Trait 2

Trait 2- Greedy

Evidence 1- He always wanted more power.

Evidence 2- He always got what he wanted.

Evidence 3- He changed the Commandments to his likings.

Second Character- Boxer

Trait 1- Hardworking

Evidence 1- One of his mottos were, " I will work harder."

Evidence 2- He never gave up.

Evidence 3- He was up working earlier than any of the other animals.

Boxer Trait 2

Trait 2- Loyal

Evidence 1- He never disobeyed Napoleon.

Evidence 2- He put Napoleon first before himself.

Evidence 3- One of his mottos were, "Napoleon is always right."