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Mark your Calendar

Friday, September 25th- Grandparent's Day & Library Day

Friday, October 2nd- 1/2 Day dismissal at 12:01- Apple Exploration & Library Day

Friday, October 9th- Quarter 1 ends & Library Day

Monday, October 12th- Field Trip ( please turn in money and permission slip)

Discovery News:

Hello wonderful parents! This is Mrs. Foust with our news from Discovery. This week our rhyme was, “Hey Diddle, Diddle.” Students practiced a clap, clap, pat, pat beat to go with the rhyme. We also worked on an art piece to give to Grandparents on their special day. For Social Skills, we continued our Feelings unit, focusing on the feelings of surprise and anger. Next week we will investigate the “1,2 Buckle My Shoe” rhyme.

Stacey Foust

Discovery Teacher
TCEStacey Foust

Discovery Teacher

This week:

This week kiddos learned that positional words tell directions. We identified positional words in the books, Rosie's Walk and Pete the Cat Drives the Bus. We practiced following positional word directions both in the classroom and outside. Students also continued to practice their number fluency by playing the alligator game, one to one correspondence beads and ten frame puzzles.

In literacy we focused on making connections when we read because that is what good readers do. We made connections to ourselves, other books we have read and the world around us. We continue to work as a class to reach our goal of reading for 20 minutes uninterrupted. Next week our sight words are: here, said & like

Sound Cabinet next week: H

As writers we continue to work on stretching out our words to write a complete thought (a sentence). We talked about how they are all great story tellers and how writing is just story telling on paper. They are so proud of what they are working on and their favorite part of writing time is when we come together at the end to share what they have done.

Next week we will be doing an apple exploration. Please send in an apple to be used for multiple activities. They will also be used for snack on Friday so need to send snack that day. Permission slips went home for this activity on 9-24-15. Please sign and return so your child can participate.

It has been a great week, thank you for sharing your children with me!

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What to ask?

Have a kiddo that is reluctant to talk about what they did at school all day? Here are a couple questions to get the conversation rolling.

* What is a positional word, can you give me an example?

* What is something good readers do? ( They should respond, "make connections") What kind of connections can you make?

* Tell me about what you did during Grandparent's Day.