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What does the Milkweed look like?

The Milkweed looks like popcorn balls. It is pink like a pomegranate and there is a little extra white. The flower head looks like a flat parachute. The Milkweed grows 2-6 feet tall and the flower head is half an inch wide. Oblong smooth is the name of the leaf shape. The leaf shape looks like five leaves The flower arrangement/position is called rounded elusters near top of stem. Five petals is the name of the flower type.

Where and When does it bloom?

The Milkweed is 2-6 feet tall. The flower head is half an inch wide. The wildflower blooms from June-August. It grows in Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest.

Important Facts

  • The Milkweed leaves are poisonous to most animals and people
  • The Milkweed grows in moist or dry uplandwoods

Wow Facts

  • Monarch butterflies and caterpillars feed on the Milkweed
  • The sticky white juice inside was used as a glue

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