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Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network The Perfect Match!

What is Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network All About?

I’ve been receiving many queries about what is Big Idea Mastermind and Empower Network All About via email, facebook PM after I post the short interview video with Les Brown in Malaysia. I’ll like to take this opportunity to share as much as I can, so it can be benefits to everyone.

What is Big Idea Mastermind?

The idea came out by Vick Strizheus, where he only have 1 intention in his mind which is to help as much people as he can to achieve at least $5,000 income per month via online. Sound too crazy huh??? In fact it is, but he just has this Big Idea, that’s why he called this as Big Idea Mastermind.

Big Idea Mastermind is an automated marketing system where allow each individual, whether you are newbie/intermediate or expert in online marketing to achieve your success in shortest time possible. Insight of this system, it’s fully optimized from marketing perspective with various landing pages, sales funnel, high quality videos, high values teaching and also free gift to your subscriber.

So all you need to do is just drive traffic to the landing page and it will do the rest of the thing on its own and help to convert your traffic to sales so you can earn 100% commissions on it.

What is Big Idea Mastermind For Me?

Whether you are newbie, intermediate internet marketer or experienced internet marketer, Big Idea Mastermind definitely can suit your need.

For newbie, you will be guided with step by step what to do to start your online business. Nothing technical involve, because all the technical part will be handle by the Big Idea Mastermind system. All you need to do is, get yourself learn-able, meet with bunch of like-minded, positive real people via private facebook group and then start drive traffic to the per-defined landing page customize for you. It’s important to participate in the private facebook group, because as a new joiner in this space, I’m sure you have tons of questions how to get started, how this thing work and etc… How to be successful is by learning and asking question which you don’t know, that’s why a active facebook group will help each of us to learn something that we are not able to discover.

For intermediate and expert internet marketer, this should be a peanut for you as you already know how the Internet Marketing concept is, and all you need to do is mail to your subscriber and guide them to join Big Idea Mastermind. To further enhance your knowledge in Internet Marketing space (either traffic generation, SEO, email marketing, list building and etc…) I would highly recommend you join to at least Platinum level, because there are real good training provided when you joined that level.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

As I mentioned earlier, Vick is the founder of Big Idea Mastermind. This is his latest idea where his intention is to help as much peoples as he can to achieve their financial goal by going through this system. Why he want to do that? This is all because he sick of seeing crap products in the online community especially those “1 button magic system” which claim can help you generate tons of money.

He just can’t stand anymore on all this fool system, that’s why he came out this idea and he want to help those who seriously want to change their life and financial status via online.

Some background of Vick Strizheus, before Big Idea Mastermind, he’s known as “King of Online Traffic”. He managed to generate 2,000,000 unique targeted traffic and visitors in just 7 days and at the end help him earn millions of dollars as a result.

He’s the owner of product called High Traffic Academy (HTA) and Global Success Club prior to this. Both of this product is so awesome and provide so much value.

In fact, Vick’s doesn’t require to work anymore, he can literally retire at his young age now. However, he choose to work, as he has bigger vision in his life which is to came out this Big Idea to help those who need guidance, clarity on what to do to earn money online. He wants to transform people life, and that is the only reason which drives him to bring Big Idea Mastermind to the whole new level.

One Plus One = Three (1 + 1 = 3)?

Who don’t like pay 1 price and get 2 products out of it? Here is the deal and why I called it as deal.

By joining Big Idea Mastermind, you will not only get in-depth powerful training, optimize sales funnel, optimize marketing funnel, high quality videos, high quality values to your subscribers and free gift to your subscriber, you also going to get other piece of product called Empower Network.

It only cost you $25 to get this 2 awesome products, and who knows at the end your math of 1+1=infinity

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network was founded by David Wood & David Sharpe, where they bring the network marketing ideas to the Internet Marketing space and they paying out 100% commissions to their affiliate who sell this products.

Empower Network contained a ready-to-go fully optimize self-hosted wordpress blog platform. You can start blogging on your interest through that platform, and your blog post can easily be index and rank well in search engine. This is all because of empower network domain is having a very good ranking in Alexa, Global Rank 450 and US Rank 200. Therefore all blog post posted in empower network will be easily rank higher in search engine and there’s how your blog post can get more traffic and later on convert those traffic to sale.

And the best part is, with Empower Network you will able to earn 100% commissions on sales. Is that possible? It has proven possible, because after operate for 18 months, Empower Network already payout $60 million commissions to their affiliates. Empower Network is not only a company with product, it also created a big community with movement where within the community everyone is like-minded and be positive to change their life.

Big Idea Mastermind + Empower Network = Perfect Matching

As I explained earlier, Big Idea Mastermind is the optimized and automated marketing funnel created for you. Empower Network is an affiliate product for you to earn commissions. When you purchase product in Empower Network, you will be getting Big Idea Mastermind automated marketing system for free. I would say this is the perfect match. You pay 1 price and get 2 products, and when you join the power of this 2 product, it can literally help you to succeed faster than any other thing out there.

Why Big Idea Mastermind?

Result tells everything. Refer to below image where it showed Vick Strizheus is the All Time Top Earner in Empower Network (where he just joined Empower Network on 20th Dec 2012), and literally within 28 days with Empower Network, he already outperformed everyone and become the top earner in Empower Network. For sure we will choose a leader which can showed his ability in this arena and show to everyone he’s capable. As of now, he is earning almost $2 millions commissions from Empower Network, average earning per month is $300k – $400k. He know how this thing work, and he understand the concept of marketing and traffic generation.

Big Idea Mastermind + Empower Network is a Perfect Matching!

In my personal opinion, the above is a perfect matching and so powerful where it combined the world class automated marketing system with highest commission payout system into 1. So you won’t miss out any important part.

Video Clip with Vick Strizheus and Dave Wood @ Hawaii Millionaires Retreat

Below is a short video clip I shoot in my recent trip to Hawaii with Vick Strizheus (founder of Big Idea Mastermind) and Dave Wood (founder of Empower Network). Listen to them talk about what is Big Idea Mastermind and how are they get excited when Big Idea Mastermind + Empower Network.

Big Idea Mastermind sharing by Vick Strizheus and Dave Wood @ Hawaii Millionaires Retreat360p VP8 Vo
I hope you enjoy the short video clip by now. Remember, the only secret to success is by taking a small step further and taking massive action. Go ahead to hit the below button to join Big Idea Mastermind + Empower Network now. Let’s rock this community together, we can make a huge differences.