by derrick kight


  • Owners' personal assets are protected from business debt and liability Corporations have unlimited life extending beyond the illness or death of the ownersTax free benefits such as insurance, travel, and retirement plan deductionsTransfer of ownership facilitated by sale of stock Change of ownership need not affect management Easier to raise capital through sale of stocks and bonds



  • The shareholders have limited responsibility with regard to the debts or trials against the corporation. Generally, shareholders are liable only for investment in shares in the company. (However, it is important to mention that managers could be subject to responsibility for their actions, such as not to retain and pay the taxes on their employees). Corporations can obtain more capital through the sale of their actions. A corporation can deduct the cost of benefits (benefits package) that offers to its managers and employees. If you meet certain requirements, you can opt for declared as a corporation S. This selection allows that the company is subject to a payment of taxes similar to that of a society.