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Soft Skill Spotlight: Attitude

Employers want to hire people who are pleasant to work with and bring uplifting energy to the workplace. According to Millennial Branding, 84% of companies look for candidates who have a positive ATTITUDE!

Keep scrolling for reminders on GeorgiaBEST. Be sure to check out the lesson on Attitude below. It has five parts, which could be a great class introduction every day next week!

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Teachers: This lesson consists of five parts. You can do them all at once, or do each part separately one day during a week. There is an introduction, short video, and discussion questions. Each will take between 5-10 minutes to complete. You will need a projector/monitor with audio turned on.

1. Enthusiastic

To be enthusiastic at work is about a mental state. You need to make the decision to be enthusiastic. Start by saying, “I will be an eager participant in this project or task.”

Attack your task with energy. Do not drag your feet. The more you tell yourself, “This is so boring,” or whatever the excuse maybe the worse you will feel. Get interested in the work and the energy will come naturally.

Italian Roberto Benigni won the Oscar in 1999 for Best Actor in the movie Life is Beautiful.
Let's get wrapped up in his enthusiasm...

(You can stop after a few moments of his speech starting.)

Discuss after the video:

How can you show your enthusiasm at school or work?

What are the characteristics of someone that is enthusiastic?

How can you be enthusiastic, even when it's on a task you don't want to do?



Strive to be the most efficient worker on your team. When you are effective, you are producing the intended result. When you are efficient, you do it with the least waste of time and effort. That means you are capable and competent.

If you carry with you the attitude in the workplace of constantly striving to be the most efficient worker, then you will sooner or later get a career boost because you are the most capable and competent on the team.

You can be efficient with... energy, resources, time, and space.... on any task, no matter how small.

Here's one example of one very efficient Domino's employee!

Discuss after the video:

How do you think this Domino employee contributed to the culture at work?

Is there a difference between being efficient and being productive?



Of the five attitudes in the workplace, this one probably calls for you to give yourself some pressure. A little pressure is good since it makes you push yourself harder. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Do not be contented with good. Go for great.

Exceed expectations by knowing good is sometimes not good enough. Give everything your utmost best. When you strive for excellence in everything you do, you quite naturally excel at work.

Discuss after the video:

"Excellent is a standard. Not an achievement." In what occupations do you want the workers to always work with this philosophy?

Is there a job where excellence doesn't matter?


Start early at work. Some of the most productive work is done when it is started early - before the distractions start, before you're under the pressure of a deadline. When you start early, you have options to try something and re-do it if it's not good enough.

And what's the opposite of getting your work done early? PROCRASTINATION!

"I work best under pressure," you say? Baloney. Don't fool yourself. Do your work early and you will be more positive about the results. (So will your teacher or boss.)

Discuss after the video:

Poll: How many of us have an issue with procrastination?

What are some strategies that you can use to more successfully start your work earlier?

Ever thought about getting up earlier in the morning to get more out of your day?


Make every effort to be the easiest to work with in the office. Now, we are not saying compromise on your need for excellence.

When you are easy to work with, you make working enjoyable for everyone else too. Such attitudes in the workplace are welcomed everywhere and you make yourself a competitive edge of any team. This competitive edge is your career booster.

When you're easy to work with, it's also easier to get things done as a team! There's less unnecessary conflict and drama.

A few quick examples of teams working easily together.

Discuss after the video:

What makes someone easy to work with?

When is it ok NOT to be easy to work with?
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