Why Stress?

Everything you need to know about stress

Physical / Mental causes of Stress

Managing stress can be tough. Knowing about things that cause it could help in the future when dealing with it. Stress could be caused by a variety of reasons, which include...

- the feeling of being threatened

- fear

- uncertainty

Other "life causes" could cause stress which include...

- death of a close friend or relative

- health issues

- change in family (divorce, new marriage, etc.)

- money problems

- change in your physical being

- new location (moving houses, schools, etc.)

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Stressful Situations

"Losing 650 pounds, and preparing to shed a reminder of that weight"

Paul Mason, a man once weighing 980 lbs, encountered stressful times in his life risking his health. A continuous habit of unhealthy eating led him to gaining multiple issues concerning his health, which added stress to his life. After gaining the title of the worlds fattest man, he decided to get gastric bypass surgery. His weight added stress to his life by worsening his health conditions and increasing his chances of death. After his surgery, 650 pounds had been taken off him with the exception of extra skin. The stress that was put onto Mason had reached its maximum level relating to a life or death situation. He is currently still battling his weight problems and finding a doctor to take off the extra heavy skin. The amount of stress that was put onto Paul Mason caused him to change his life for the better.



How to reduce stress

Stress can be solved by one technique: relaxation. Ways to relax include...

- meditation

- breathing techniques

- yoga

- listening to music

- laughing

- being grateful

With these relaxation techniques, stress can be reduced to a minimum level of comfort.



"Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one"

- Hans Selye